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Kviek Sour Ale

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Looking to do a simple sour ale. Never done a sour before except for my flanders red which is 2 months in the fermenter. I have been looking around on the methods people use from the kettle sour to the cube sour to the use of acid or acid malt to sour. Seeing as I am going to use my oldest fermenter to bottle my flanders red in a few months and then not use it again for anything other than bacterial bottling I am thinking to just use it as a fermenter for bacterial as well. So the plan is to do a normal batch to 5 IBU. Fast chill to 35c. Pitch a 1lt starter of kviek and 4 IBS tablets ( lacto plantarum) and hold the ferment at 35c. Then a dry hop at the end.

The things I am unsure about is

1. Will the kviek out compete the lacto and ill be waiting ages to get decent sour?

2. I'm not killing the lacto like the kettle sour or cube sour so will it continue to fermentin the bottle?

Any help from experienced sour brewers would be great.


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