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Pale ale with hallertau late addition and/or dry hop

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I've used hallertau a few times as the bittering hop in my German beers because I like to attempt to brew to the style guides. I need to use up some carapils and US-05 so was thinking of doing one of my standard pale ale recipes but using hallertau as the late addition and/or dry hop, in order to learn more about it's flavour and/or aroma properties. I've seen it used in lagers and pilsners as a late addition and also seen threads saying you can dry hop with it as long as you minimize contact time. I was planning on using centennial as the bittering hop as it would take a shitload of 3.8% A/A hallertau to get up to the 25-30 IBUs I generally like in my pale ales.

Is hallertau going to make a drinkable pale ale and does anyone have advice on late addition or dry hop rates in g/L (I brew half batches)? I could potentially use some centennial late as well to make sure it's drinkable but that might reduce my ability to isolate the hallertau flavour a bit.

TIA, Cassius.

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I made a pale with hallertau and willamette thrown in at flame out, I think Pride of Ringwood was used for bittering and reactivated  coopers yeast. But yeah It turned out lovely. I was getting a marshmallow type flavour. Would definitely make it again.

If I was you I would throw 50g in at flame out and see what happens. Can't go wrong.

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