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So I went into mad Brewer mode after my initial purchase of the Cooper's DIY kit anyways moving forward my first recipe maybe already done  by someone  but I haven't seen it  so im calling this my zocasrillo draught .

Made from my mistake of being unable to get the amber ale kit .

Lets go :

1 xcoopers extract draught can.

150g glucose ( gluten free).

1 X be2 coopers box 1kg

25g x2 cascade hop pellets.

25g Amarillo hop pellets.

1x usa 05 yeast

1x coopers carbanation drops


Boil 5lt water and reduce to simmer in pot /wort and add glucose, ( stir till disloved) 

Flame off add in the Cooper's draught extract (stir 3min approx) .

In fv add 2 lts of cold water and then add 2 lts of boiled water along with the be2 box.(stir till disloved).

bring wort/pot back to rolling simmer add 25 g cascade hops 15 mins .

add 25g amarillo hops to rolling simmer at 14 min mark ( 1min )

flame off (steep for 10 mins )

strain ,wort / pot contents to fv .

add water to required level 21lt or 23lts (cold water if cooling required).

pitch yeast USA 05 around 21c 

fermentation at 20c approx

dry hop 25g cascade hops at day 5 of fermentation, 

bottled after 2 equal hydrometer Readings.

2 X coopers carbanation drops per 750ml

OG = 1040 FG = 1002 /4.99% approx.

results : good taste hop drivin draught  mild bitter like beer ,good head retention and carbanation at or after day 12 onwards maturity will be highly considered.

There you go anyhow knock it once you brew it cheers👍.





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