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Red devil 44

Trooper British Beer

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Well I finally got my hands on some. This is the band Iron Maidens flagship beer in the UK, I will give this a taste this arvo.

Bruce Dickinson ( Singer ) is such an amazing guy, great book too, hopefully good beer.


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I had a few bottles of this a while ago. I remember it a little reminiscent of a guinness in terms of texture and mouthfeel but a little less full on. Not a bad beer but not my favourite either. Expensive af though...at least down here.

I got a 12 pack of the Trooper Australian XPA the other day. That's not a bad beer either. In fact, I prefer it over the pommy Trooper.

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13 hours ago, Aussiekraut said:

I prefer it over the pommy Trooper

Probably the only thing to 2 have in common, is the Iron Maiden logo and the name, Trooper.

An old mate of mine - almost married my sister, now books Bruce for his speaking tours over the world, and often goes with him. He's got an acknowledgment in the book.

I have no idea how he jagged that gig. He was the slackest, laziest, fugdrucked pothead I ever knew. And he was never into Maiden, Led Zep was his band, and he met Page too. Well, when I say met, I mean stalked him for a fanzine interview outside his house,  but... another story.

But he always landed on his feet. Even when he couldn't stand up. which was too often to mention.

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