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back into Brewing needing some ideas with older ingredients

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HI All


Just back into brewing after a few years off, only brewing very basic and happy enough with the results my extract cans are out of date so I've just got new yeast anything more then 1.5 years out I'm most likely not going to bother with using unless anyone has had good results doing so.

so far back I've put down 2 brews also I'm kegging

Australian Pale Ale BB 5/4/19 with Brew Enhancer 2 and 30g Galaxy hops with US-05 fermented at 19.5 Degrees, came out slightly darker then the fresher can would have but tasted really good

Bootmaker Pale Ale BB 25/11/18 Brew Enhancer 3 30 Galaxy and US-05 fermented at 18.5 Degrees

My questions is that I've got the following ingredients that I'm not sure what to use with what to produce a good drop any ideas would be greatly appreciated. cheers

Thomas Coopers Series

Brew A IPA BB 9/3/19

Amber Ale BB 11/11/18

Ruby Porter BB 18/12/17

Canadian Blonde BB 13/6/16

2xBrew Enhancer 2

2xBrew Enhancer 3

2xBrew Enhancer 1

and some fresh brew boosters which have 500g Dex,250G light malt and 250g corn syrup.


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Also look here for a recent discussion on old ingredients. 


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Hey @wagonteeth, Use the out of date cans at your own risk, especially that 2016 Coopers Canadian Blonde.  By that I mean, if they turn out rubbish do not blame us.

However, I have done a can four years out of date and it was fine to drink.  Maybe not what the manufacturers intended, but okay nonetheless.

Pay heed to some of the comments in the thread above.  You already know that fresh yeast is the go.

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