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Number of brews in 2019

Hilltop hops

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Last year would have been my lowest output since I started brewing just over 10 years ago.

I think I only made 4 AG brews but did a handful of FWKs to keep supplies up.

Next year the plan is to do one per month as a minimum.

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24 brews for me. Though I think it was more, there was a few I didn’t keep a record of. 
And most were 19ltr batches instead of the 25Ltr batches I brewed the year before. 
half were pale ales, 8 stouts and the rest IPAs oh and a hibiscus beer

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24 brews for me as well.   Mostly K&K with hop and some adjunct additions also a couple of partials. Was a big year though. Last year was the 1st year brewing for about 25 years and went from having 300 stubbs and 300 tallies to a kegorator that I made and 6 kegs.  Yesterday I put down my last Kit brew and my 1st for 2020 will be an AG in the BIAB  set up I bought.  Not sure what will happen next year as not much further to go is there? 

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Dunno, didn’t keep count, but I would say 25-30 K& K brews, mainly Stone & Wood Clones, Hefeweizen ( now with Citrus Hops 👍), and mainly Pale Ales.

Still thinking about going AG next yr, but I’m pretty happy with my K & K brews and fermenting under stabilised temp with the Inkbird 😁

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14 for me, although 2 were tippers. Started the year brewing coopers recipes From the website and then moved onto using unhopped extract and Making a few flavours of my own and then onto AG in July and continuing my own flavour journey based off info supplied here and on the interwebs. Didn’t really brew the same thing twice. 

coopers red rattler

coopers Oktoberfest 

coopers macho stout 

Coopers steam ale

coopers raspberry wheat.

Pacific ale

mosaic ipa

West coast pale ale

AG centennial pale ale 

AG Pilsner (semi failure)

AG Amarillo pale ale

AG Mosaic XPA 

AG Aussie lager 

AG stout. (Stalled and was tipped)

AG Japanese Lager 





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Only started brewing in May, so only 8 for the year.

Coopers Pale Ale-First brew, not bad.

NEIPA #1-Bloody beautiful

Saison-Interesting. Well I drank it all.

NEIPA #2-Started off with an odd taste but came good, nearly better than the first one in the end.

Styrian Pale Ale-Drinkable but not my favourite.

NEIPA #3-Here is where the wheels fell off. Had to tip the whole lot. I nearly cried.

Coopers Session Ale-Was bloody good until it also started to develop an off taste, but only about a third of the bottles.

Ginger beer-In the bottle so have no idea how it's going.

(oh and in between those I brewed up 10 various wines)

Conclusion. It has been a great introduction to home brewing and I am slowly getting there. Need some cooling apparatus. I thought that my problem beers might have been victims of oxidation but now I don't think so (thanks Kelsey).  The most likely culprit is infections so I will change my sanitiser and see if that helps (currently using Morgans Sanitize). I think my procedures are ok but might have to pay more attention to bottle cleaning and sanitising. Can't really think what else it would be.


Finally a big thank you to all the help from you guys and gals! Happy brewing in 2020!




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CLEARLY I have some issues that might need to be addressed one day.




**Excessive alcohol consumption is bad for your health, however it depends on what we mean by excessive. I'd also suggest it helps with other things, I guess the hard thing is the cost benefit analysis. I benefit from the social interaction here, the recipe creativity and also, quite clearly, the alcohol**

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17 for me: 2 stouts, 7 American Pale Ales, 6 English Bitters, 1 Oktoberfest, 1 Blonde. Unfortunately I had to tip two of them, so 15 really. 

Since I switched to kegs in August I am not brewing as often, which is somewhat unexpected. I guess it is because I am can pour myself smaller servings, instead of having to drink a whole bottle.

I picked up a 6 ounce (177.5mL) sampling glass at a beer festival, which I have been using. I would have to visit the keg three times to get as much as one of my Grolsch bottles holds. I usually can't be bothered to go back a third time, so I am drinking about 20% less. 




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