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(Potentially) stupid temp control question...

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So I've got myself a new 142L chest freezer. This one's a 'hybrid' type in that it can be switched from freezer mode to fridge mode and vice-versa. I'm trying to figure out which would be the more economical mode to use for fermenting with my Inkbird set at a target 19°C.

In the (default) freezer mode, the unit is set to -18°C. This can be manually increased in -1°C increments to -24°C (can only think this would be for 'fast' freezing something).

In fridge mode the default setting is 1°C. This can be manually increased in 1° increments but the user manual doesn't stipulate an upper limit.

So what should I shoot for guys?

My other Inkbird settings:
Temp differential: +/- .5°C
Compressor: 8 mins
All other settings, default

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Set freezer, won't mattter at all.

Inkbird turns power to the compressor on/ off. Has nothing at all to do with the temperature controller for the fridge/

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