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Tsars tar

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Well here we are folks. I kegged this yesterday and I tasted a sample and OMG. I had to sneak a PET bottle and nitro it up. 

I will admit, I didn’t cold crash but it was fermented at control temp, at 15psi and it was in the fermenter for 3 weeks. It is being conditioned in the keg and won’t be touched until late May/June. So with all that in mind what I had sampled tonight OBVIOUSLY wasn’t perfect. But my word it has potential. It was chocolate on the nose, full creamy in the mouth and slightly fruity for my liking but not undrinkable. There was NO alcohol feeling or taste. 

Now my improvised pouring device proved challenging with 35psi of nitro but I managed. I can’t wait for it to be the colder months. 




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Serious question; where do you get your Coopers cans?  is it best to get them through Coopers Club to ensure maximum freshness? I ask because my experience with cans is a bit hit and miss.  Some have the dreaded twang and others don't. Yet all the cans have been brewed within the 'best-by' date, so I figure freshness must be a factor. My cleanliless certainly isn't, as Star/Stellar San, sodium percarb and nitrile gloves (yes, really) are de rigeur during my process.

My last three brews were DME based with a rich and varied hop schedule and all were excellent brews with no twang whatsover (and all temp controlled). So, for once, I'm not blaming myself. I'd hate to put down a 'Troiscan' such as this then find myself ditching it 6 months later.

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3 hours ago, FusterCluck said:

where do you get your Coopers cans?

Big W, Dan Murphys and sometimes the Coopers Club, mostly the Recipes of the Month.

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