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2 hours ago, Jaybron44 said:

As I’m new to this how do I degas my brew

Hi JB44

Yeah.  I cannot see why you would need to degas your fermenter.  Older style fermenters with an airlock will allow CO2 to escape.  The newer Coopers fermenter does not seal, but allows the CO2 to escape without letting oxygen in (or at least making it hard for it to get in)

PS Welcome to the rabbit hole.

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Perhaps you are asking about the de-gassing of a brew sample for measuring the specific gravity?

Bubbles, clinging to the Hydrometer, make it float higher in the sample, causing an over-read error.

You can de-gas the sample by tossing it back and forth between two cups (a be bit messy so do it over a sink), plunging the hydrometer up and down in the sample like a piston action or just leave it sit for a few hours.

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