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Coopers Brewery Tour

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Did the Coopers Brewery Tour today and a great time was had by all.   From having a good look around, to sampling some brews at the end, it was very informative and great to see the down-to-earth style of Coopers.   Yes the brewery has a lot of automation, the driver-less forklifts were interesting to watch doing their thing, but the effort put into producing a great drop from mash to bottle/can was great, and yet still coming off as more than just a factory.   What made the time even better was the 'tour-guide' - very informative, good sense of humour too.   AUD$27.50 (of which $25 goes to charity) well spent when you think you get a tour of a great brewery, a free glass at the end after tasting several great beer samples.   Well done Coopers!

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