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Pimping a lager

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Hello from Norway!

i am new to all of this and have now purchased a starterpack for brewing and with it came a lager kit (Geordie lager).

I need some input whether or not my thoughts are good regarding my "pimping" of this set 🙂

i am considering the following:

1 box of Lager kit

replacing the sugar with Brew enhancher (50/50 dextrose and DME)

after fermenting for about 10 days adding a hop essence called "Limonata" to add that Radler feel.


it seems after some googling that the hop essence is made from the motueka hop.




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Hi Kim and welcome to the forum.
Wow! No responses yet. It must be due to the time difference between Australia and Norway. We were probably in bed when you enquired.
Personally, I don't know enough about brewing to offer advice on your question but I'm sure the more experienced brewers will assist you soon.

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Replacing the sugar with 50/50 dextrose and DME is a good move.

I have never used the hop oils but I understand you can use it to ‘dry hop’ in the manner you described.

It sounds interesting. Let us know how it turns out.

And welcome!

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