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2 hours ago, Wobbles1525230224 said:

can I use wheat malt extract in a lager kit using w34/70 yeast and what hops to use thnx


Hi Wobbles. 

Do you have a way to control fermentation temperatures? 

From memory 34/70 yeast performs best in the 10-15 degree range. If you are making a 20L+ batch then you may need 2 packets. 

In my very small lager knowledge bank I have never heard or people using a wheat extract but that is the beauty of brewing, you can do whatever you want. 

As for hops I would be using good old noble hops such as Saaz, Tettnang or Hallertauer. 

Good Luck, 

Beer Baron

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I am about to cold crash a Lager that used Cluster hops ... from the tastings I have done during fermentation the hops have added a very pleasant nose and notable bitterness ... really looking forward to bottling and progressively tasting as it lagers ... I get the feeling it is going to be pretty good ...  

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