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Naturaly carbonated kegs

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17 hours ago, Wobbly74 said:

And if you want flow control, go for one of these. Will work with a brumby tap. I've installed 2 (on regular taps) and they seem to work really well. 



17 hours ago, Wobbly74 said:

3ft isn't enough at 10-14psi. Most people will reduce the serving pressure using picnic taps. You need to be able to reliably carbonate (read: have constant pressure on the kegs at serving temperature) and have the right line length for your internal diameter of line or flow control. 

I have reduced the serving pressure Because 10-14psi will froth everywhere and I have constant pressure on the keg when serving as for the line length and diameter that has got me stumped I will next brew try longer lines and diff diameters and see what happens . Thanks for your help

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I’ve got a series 3 kegerator, with 2 taps.

I am thinking my lines are just not long enough.

One is about a mtr and the other is 1.5.

Im going to refit my taps at 3mts and 4 mtrs

And then try again.

Force carb one and naturally carb a 10ltr keg.

Great info and thanks.



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You won't find any real difference between the two carbonation methods if your system is set up properly other than perhaps a slight difference in flavour. The foaming issues are usually a result of overcarbonation, beer lines being too short or the temperature being too warm.

The smaller the inner diameter of the lines, the shorter they can be. 

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