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On 12/15/2019 at 11:07 PM, Shamus O'Sean said:

4 Pines - Indian Summer Ale

Light colour.  4.2% ABV

Melon and citrus aroma.

Mild flavour with slight bitterness.  East to drink.


Had this on tap today. Was very happy with what I was drinking. I really like all of 4 pines stuff. 
I did find it had a strange sweetness too it though. It wasn’t lingering so it didn’t really bother me to much.  

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20 hours ago, Hilltop hops said:

Having a Coopers Vintage ale 2019 I received as a gift. Don't think they'll be any ageing of this 6 pack cause its goin down well. What's everyone else drinking after xmas lunch? 

Stout all of 340 days young 👍🍺 good night all 😂


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Has a couple of the Crissy present brews last night:

Future Mountain Brewing - Constant State Saison

Mild aroma and mild funky flavour.  A bit disappointing really.  I guess I should not be because it does say "delicate" on the bottle.

Citrus-y bitterness with a floral background taste.



Panhead - Quickchange XPA

Mango and pineapple fresh aroma

Pale taste.  Easy drinking.  There is something in the flavour that I cannot pick, almost like a honey note.  The night's winner.



Jetty Road Brewery - IPA

Pineapple/tropical aroma.

Bold flavour, similar to the aroma.  Good bitterness, but no OTT.


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Happy New Years guys. Just me and the doggo this year. I’m on the homebrews. Have an ESB, Witbeir, hazy ipa and black IPA of which I’m sampling all. Have some Feral War Hog APA and also Feral Biggie Juice NEIPA in the fridge. Gonna get stuck into the red wine with dinner and gonna hit the jamesons after. I hope the doggo knows how to play a few chords on the guitar cos I’ll be keen for a sing song after that lot 

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