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Fresh Ginger Beer Recipe?

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I saw ginger was only $20/kg at woolies so was thinking of attempting some sort of alcoholic ginger beer but pretty lost on where to begin.

Anyone here have a good recipe or can point me in the right direction?

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I used about 300g fairly well chopped ginger in a 10 litre extract batch of ginger saison a while ago (Coopers wheat LME, bittered to 20 or 25 ibu, ginger added at flameout and steeped for a while, then fermented with Belle Saison and made gluten free with Clarity Ferm).

It was nice, but next time I would do it all grain with say 80% pils malt and 20% wheat malt, up the ginger to at least 500g and use a tastier saison strain (Wyeast 3726PC is awesome).



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This is a recipe by Kingsley Phillips. I'm trying to grow some ginger to brew this for Xmas coming. Everyone that has brewed it rates it high. 

1 kit ginger beer (Morgan’s works best) 
1kg Raw or dark brown sugar 
500g fresh ginger
50g powdered ginger
250g honey 
4 x kaffir lime leaf shredded 
1 birds eye chili's sliced, seeds and all. 
4 whole cloves 
2 tsp nutmeg 
2 tsp cinnamon 
snap the fresh ginger into chunks and then put it into a food processer until it 
all becomes processed. If you don’t have a food processer, I suppose you could 
coarsely grate it all? 
Bring 3 litres of water to boil in a big soup pot. Turn down to med heat… 
Add honey and fresh ginger, close the lid and boil @ 20 mins. 
Add chilli, and powdered ginger, boil @ 10 mins. 
Add the dark brown sugar, cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon and boil @ 5 mins. 
Turn the heat off, but keep the lid on the whole time. Tip in GB extract… stir 
Then using a very large metal sterile sieve strain the liquid from your soup pot 
into the fermenter and chuck the solids left behind out. 
Top up to 23L with cold water, pitch preferred yeast at 18c then ferment for 2 
weeks at 17C, bottle and or keg gets better with more time… 
OG: 1034 
FG: 1005 
ABV - 4.9%

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