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Methods to the Madness

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Hey everyone, was thinking it would be really good if we could have another forum sub-section, 
We already have general topics, and the recipe resource which is a fav of mine to scroll through.

But I was thinking if we had a methods section where people can put up their methods or see if they have a new idea if its working for them and or not working quite how they wanted it to.
I saw that Kelsey had a post about how he does his yeast starters and saves a portion of the starter to be saved and used to make the next srarter and so on. That would pe a perfect post to be housed in a methods sub-section.
Perhaps someones methods on how the no chill would definitely make a home there too.

Just a thought to improve the community here, Plus I say this all only to benefit myself as then i can scroll through methods all day as well as the recipe resources. 


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Yeah, not a bad idea really. I guess they class the brewing blether section as more about method and techniques though. Most of the topics in there are about that side of brewing.

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