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So ... full scale is going to be annoying on account of Galaxy being almost 16% AA. With the late additions there's very small margins of error - there's 40 IBUs difference between a 5 and 10 minute addition of 2g/L. That's massive.

Oh well, at least I have my cooling data now. That should help inform my additions.

Incidentally, does cube-hopping add mostly flavour or mostly aroma?

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Hmmm, that does help

Would be one HELL of a cube hop, but that's fine.

The other option I'm considering (which I think I mentioned in another thread) is dumping about 2kg of ice in at flameout. That should bring the temperature down to 90 about as fast as could be wanted, then I'd have to whirlpool and get it into the cube quickety-split. I'd also have to account for a higher-gravity boil and other weird things, but that's not a concern. As long as I judge the volume about right it should be fine.

Still tossing up between the two options.

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Did I do a follow-up on this? It seems not.

Brewed it a couple of weeks ago and dry-hopped at 8.5g/L. Flavour hops were 1g/L @5 and 2g/L @-5

Brew day efficiency was really bad unfortunately, and I'm not sure why. I only got 1.045 when I wanted something closer to 1.060. 1.045 is what I usually get from 5.6kgs, so I mucked something up somewhere along the way, but oh well.

Tasted one on Sunday (4 days in the bottle) and it's pretty darn nice though. It's missing the body I wanted it to have (on account of the low OG I'm sure) and could even handle some more crystal malts, but it was still niiiiice 😎

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Hm, yeah even with the reduced efficiency from the bigger grain bill it should have gotten more than 1.045 post boil. You didn't measure the sample too hot and not compensate or something? What was the pre-boil SG?

That big stout I did was about 9kg or a tad over, and I got 1.0855 OG from it, so a reasonable efficiency can be achieved with big grain bills. I did use a reiterated mash though... which I'll be doing on any future hugearse grain bill beers as well, despite it lengthening the brew day by about 2 hours.

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When I bought my mashmaster mill I was struggling with efficiency. I had a very close look after mashing and some of the grains were cracked, but still whole.


A really good stir helped break them up a bit. I settled on milling twice as it cracks the grains without pulverising them to flour

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13 hours ago, The Captain1525230099 said:

I was kinda thinking the other way being there’s not fine enough crush?  As I have heard of people double crushing for BIAB 

It's possible, I had a lower efficiency on a batch a few months ago when the mill gap was a little too wide. I got a fair few floating grains, which is an indication that they aren't cracked. Next batch I closed it slightly and back to normal.

However, I also found that crushing them too fine lowered efficiency as well. I pretty much aim to crack them open but leave the husks relatively intact. Works best on my system.


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On 11/20/2018 at 5:33 PM, Beerlust said:

Hiya Ruddy.

Given you BIAB, was there enough separation of the grains in your grain bag during the mash? More grain in the bag equals more compacted.

Was your final volume in litres yielded from the mash any lower?




I think this is probably what happened actually. I've since got my hands on a giant whisk which should help with this, and did a higher-than-usual gravity stout on Saturday (you know ... the one I dropped) which went fine. That had a full kilo less grains but I got 5 extra gravity points!

I wonder if a two-stage mash for bigger beers would be necessary. It'd add time obviously, but if I'm at the limit of what my grain bag can handle then it will get around that.

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That's why I did a reiterated mash on that big stout I brewed recently. Aside from the fact that it would have been impossible to hand lift the bag out by myself if it was full of ~9kg grain, which would be weighing around double that with all the water that would initially come up with it (I can just imagine the forken mess in the kitchen!), it would have just screwed the efficiency completely to mash it all at once.

On that brew I had a brewhouse efficiency of 68% for an OG of 1.0855, which I thought was quite good considering my usual efficiency on "normal" batches is around the 75-77% mark. The last one I brewed had about 7kg grain if I remember rightly, I just did that one in one go. OG was 1.069 on that batch. Both batches 21 litres in size.

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