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Found 7 results

  1. I just wanted to make a comment about the Thomas Coopers Bootmaker's Pale Ale kit. When the new range was released I eagerly looked at this kit as the first I wished to brew, & have subsequently brewed a number of the Thomas Coopers range. This was the only one I was disappointed in of the kits I've tried so far. I'm only disappointed because of the extra price tag above the other ranges. For the style it appears to be aimed at I feel it falls short as a base kit. I would much prefer to see something like a Centennial/Simcoe mix other than the current Cascade/Styrian Golding combo that makes up the current hop mix. This particular range of kits should be fully loaded at their current price point where no extra hops/grains should be required & still produce a high quality beer in the styles they are aimed at. This kit is not quite up to the mark IMHO. I wish it was. I don't mean any offence. Just my 2 cents. Cheers, Lusty.
  2. Has anyone made any adjustments to the hefe wheat at all ? Ive just kegged my first batch it looks and tastes good but only 3.9% . I'd like to get it to around 5.5% while still keeping it tasting like a wheat beer. Any tips or thoughts would be great ?
  3. In the kit & extract designer, what's the best match up style for Coopers Sparkling? I've been using Australian Bitter Ale but reading the notes I don't think that's quite right
  4. What can the Hive/Warren! mind tell me about the cost of light dry malt in bulk...5-10kg in Adelaide. Who's got the best deal? I bought 1.5kg at LHBS at just under $20 and it's imported from Switzerland. Moving in to lagers after this sparkling ale so I'm going to need it at the best price I can get
  5. hi guys n gals of the brewing universe, so the old man used to brew many moons ago using from memory 1 can of coopers bitter, and 1 can of coopers draught or lager wasnt too bad a drop but a little rough round the edges. anyway i thought id make use of the old 60L fermenter so ran into town to grab 2 cans of the sparkling ale but in my haste and excitement ive actually grabbed one sparkling and on ipa (both coopers brand) basically wanting to know if anyone has done this with success or if its going to fail. thanks for any advice on my current issue
  6. I’m fairly new to homebrewing and have started a batch of 86 Day Pilsner. It’s been fermenting for 10 days now and isn't in the specific gravity that I was advised it should be in on the hydrometer after checking 3 days in a row. Its still bubbling from the airlock and bubbles once every 10 minutes and has been fermenting between 20-22 degrees. Reading through the online instructions and the instructions on the tin it says that it should be ready after 6 days at 21 degrees but the hydrometer readings arent consistent. I was told it was supposed to be in the green on the hydrometer. Online it mentions that the 86 days pilsner takes longer than other products in the Thomas Cooper range? Has anyone had any experience with the 86 Days Pilsner and can give any advice when I should bottle or any things I should be looking out for or any general advice? Thanks in advance
  7. Howdy folks! Me and my wife made some Apple Wine with Honey that turned out awesome and then I found these Porter Cans on sale. The honey inspired me. What I did: 8th januari... Devil's Half Ruby Porter 1.3 kg cheap honey. No boiling. 50 g Mandarina Bavaria boiled 5 minutes with 5 ml Carrageen and 3 ml Magnesium Carbonate. Cooling for 15 minutes before draining. 23 l with Safale US-05. 21st january... I thought it was time for bottling but the taste was very bland and sour so I threw in 500 g Muntons Dried Malt Extract Medium + 300 g Honey dissolved in some water. Some more fermenting. 9th february... Bottling with carbonation drops. 23rd february... Beer tastes very good! Some sweetness and maltyness. The hop is mostly bitter. Not much of the honey to taste though. Next time I'll use the brand that we had in our wine. Much more fragrant and tasty + cheaper. After drinking two 0,5 l bottles I can feel the alcohol working. I've still got some Porter Cans that I want to do more honey-experiments with. I'm thinking of using oak in the fermenter and Mangrove Jacks M15 Empire Ale Yeast. I have some Hallertau Blanc, Styrian Wolf and Columbus that I might want to use. Don't know yet. Cheers!
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