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Found 8 results

  1. iv read that it’s ok to use expired brew extract as long as you use fresh yeast. Question is - i got an unopened kit via gumtree that came with a mr beer amber ale can. It’s 4 years past expiry. has anyone tried brew extract this old? I don’t mind if it gets darker just wondering if flavour etc will be decent. also if I’m getting new yeast any tips on what might be nice with an amber ale? thanks for any tips brew legends
  2. Still waiting for the controller. le sigh! But I now have a Fermenting Fridge - it's all fridge so it fits 2 x FV's in there. Perfect for purpose. Cost a massive $30. And he brought it around for me! I've got another fridge coming which was to be the FF but it has a freezer section at top which meant only 1 FV at a time. (although I did pick up a squat but fatter FV that I was hoping to fit in with the taller one) That fridge will now be the supplies and beer fridge.
  3. Hello, Could I ask is it OK to re-cycle screw cap glass wine bottles for use as beer bottles for home brews? Thanks, Graham
  4. Hi all, So I've got a few batches of beer that I have brewed a while ago and have given to friends as a gift that are coming up to the 700-day-in-the-bottle mark. I just wanted to ask how long home brews can last before they go 'bad'. My understanding is the darker and higher in alcohol content a beer is, the longer it will last. My beers joining the 700 days club so far are: Russian Imperial Stout (from what I heard this one can live for years) Abbey Dubbel Defibrillator Kilt Lifter Most are stored at pretty much room temp. Do these still have a few years in them or should I tell my friends to get a move on and finish them off? Thanks.
  5. So, I've finally moved into a new place that will allow be to brew to my heart's content and I've collected enough Cooper's longneck bottles for two batches. The only thing holding me back now is whether to start a brew now just before we head into summer (Melbourne) or wait until cooler months? I'm limited on space and funds so I can't get a small fridge to keep the temp low. Has anyone had good brew during summer with the fermenter in a cool place? ( ie; laundry ) Is the ice bottles in the laundry tub the best way to hold the temp? Also, is there a brew kit that's "easier" to start with for a newbie? Cheers Guys
  6. Hey guys Just wondering about after wort fermentation storage. As I only have the one keg, is it possible to store it before keg carbonation in a container such as a cube or the like, so I could have a brew ready to go into the keg once it runs out. And how it could or would affect the brew. Cheers
  7. Hey guys, I'm taking another run at homebrewing after a decade or so break. My first brew was pretty no frills and bottled without a problem. I should be tasting it this week. I put a hop slam IPA (au) down straight after and it has been going smoothly also, getting some dry hopping technique down and stabilised SG over the past few days so I turned up tonight to bottle this beauty. As I've got a ragtag collection of bottles going, I decided to have a go at bulk priming with 200g Dex in about 300ml water. I racked into my bottling bucket (2nd fermenter) with a coiled, sterilised tube which whirlpooled up pretty good, and then set to bottling. **Spoiler: I didn't stir as I was worried about oxygen ** The last bottle I drained out, I decided to taste and it was significantly sweeter than the rest of the tests I'd done throughout. Before I capped them, I then sampled the last 6 bottles and found the sweetness was only present in the final 3. Now I think I've bottled mostly unprimed beer due to the Dex solution settling at the top of my bottling bucket. ? It had so much promise. Is there anything I can do besides potentially just leaving this one to sit for a long time? And how long is long for mostly lightly or un-primed beer? Has anyone managed to salvage a brew in a similar situation? You guys are my last hope... So disappointed, it was tasting like nothing I've ever made before.
  8. So due to external factors, sickness, weather, demotivation and lazyness I had a no chill brew sitting in the cube for *cough* 4 months *cough* will it be ok still? I put it in the FV today and it smelt real good.
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