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Found 7 results

  1. All set to bottle up...Out of carbonation drops. Can I use raw sugar? If not it's a trip to town
  2. Hey there! Ive been brewing for a while, just using basic Mr Beer Extracts with Coopers Craft beer fermenter (8.5 l). Ive decided to test my hand at more complex brews, and in turn I am currently fermenting the Pumpkin Rising Recipe. After the first initial brew ( and sanitising everything as per usual), it has been sitting in the fermenter. As of last Friday ( I waited 4 days), I cooked and placed the pumpkin puree into the fermenter. Previously, the yeast had been quite active but since I placed the puree in the yeast has become considerably less active ( as per my photo you can see the line from where the yeast it to where it is now). I also use a temp controller and have had it at 20 degrees celsius the whole time. Is it normal for the yeast to calm down after putting in the puree? I understand this is my first time doing the pumpkin rising recipe, but it would be great to have any guidance, ideas etc. of how to absolutely nail this style. Big pumpkin fan here. Want to make something drinkable !
  3. Hi guys help/advice please So after 5 brews I've leaped into kegging woohoo no more washing bottles lol Anyways as I'm now waiting for my x series kegarator that's on back order along with the bloody CO2 regulator as well my question is I have 3 corny kegs ready but no way of purging them keg to remove the o2 if I fill them Have a brew around day 8 in primary If I transfer it to the corny keg do I need to purge it or will it still be ok unpurged until the CO2 regulator shows up Or should I just leave it in the fermentation vessel until I have the gas reg I'm not needing the vessel straight away but was hoping to get another brew going on the weekend or early next week will the batch currently in there still be ok at say 15 days . Or should I just bottle one more time Cheers.
  4. Anyone got good data on the two brands. Been seeing some consistent under-carbing happening with my bottles. Yesterdays Sparkling Ale in a Pet bottle was tight to squeeze but didn't release much pressure when cracked. Poured into a clean Headmaster glass their wasn't what you'd call a lot of head but plenty of bubbles emanating from the beer. So, 55 Morgan brand drops weighed in at 125g = 2.3g ea rounded up. I'm suspecting the Coopers drops would be the same? When I see sugar rates at 6-6.5g per 750ml makes it seem fairly obvious where the problem lies as I've only ever used 2 drops per bottle
  5. Version 1.0.0


    I've just started pressure fermenting, and was interested in the level of carbonation it would generate, what pressure I would need to ferment at to achieve a desired carbonation level without further burst carbonating, and also how much I would need to prime any leftovers that didn't fit into the keg. I've put together this spreadsheet. Thought it might be of interest to some others. If there are any errors, or any additional features that would be useful, let me know and I'll try fix it up. Cheers, Mitch
  6. I am about to bottle a MJ apple cider and was wondering about bottling with out carbonation, is there any pitfalls in doing this like time it can be left in bottle ageing , my last cider i made ,we drank a lot of that before it carbonated up, and we liked it better that carbonated
  7. I’m fairly new to homebrewing and have started a batch of 86 Day Pilsner. It’s been fermenting for 10 days now and isn't in the specific gravity that I was advised it should be in on the hydrometer after checking 3 days in a row. Its still bubbling from the airlock and bubbles once every 10 minutes and has been fermenting between 20-22 degrees. Reading through the online instructions and the instructions on the tin it says that it should be ready after 6 days at 21 degrees but the hydrometer readings arent consistent. I was told it was supposed to be in the green on the hydrometer. Online it mentions that the 86 days pilsner takes longer than other products in the Thomas Cooper range? Has anyone had any experience with the 86 Days Pilsner and can give any advice when I should bottle or any things I should be looking out for or any general advice? Thanks in advance
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