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Found 3 results

  1. Budgery Brew Bird

    Help me make my next brew better!

    Hi guys! Might I say what a great community you have going here! I'm a noob who's diving headlong into the world of home-brewed happiness and would love a couple of suggestions on how I could make my next (*cough* second) brew more interesting and beneficial to my personal beer-velopment. Being as green as a Boags tinny I'm not looking for anything super complex, in fact maybe just a simple addition of another extract or supplementary sugar (honey/golden syrup etc) that from your experience might improve my plan. Using the old classic coopers home brew kit and hoping to make a dark(ish) drop using the following ingredients: - Coopers Dark Ale can - 500g Light DME - 1kg Dextrose Aaaand that's it so far. Straight out of blocks does anyone think this will make a really shitty beer if I just used these on their own (I should state that my expectations are optimistically low)? What would you add to spice it up? Bonus question: can I exclusively use stellarsan to get that OG lager can scuzz off my shiny new brew kit without creating a highschool science experiment in my fermenter? Hop on legends! Cheers, Brew Budgie xo
  2. ekymetal13

    Bottle wash question

    Hi all I always wash my bottles just prior to bottling my brew. As time is psycho this time of year, I intend to wash my bottles tonight. And bottle my brew tomorrow morning. I have a bottle tree and will leave them on this till tomorrow. Do you think this would be ok ? Interested to see what you all think and what your process is. Cheers Scott
  3. Titan

    Starsan viability.

    Guys, I was wondering after mixing a batch of starsan for my spray bottle which last 3 months or more. Is it still good 3 or 4 months in or should i refresh the batch monthly? Touch wood never had an infection, but concerned its viability diminishes over time.