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Found 4 results

  1. Feel free to add your own My first one is... How do people seem to be able to link to a pdf version of recipes to download? Wherefore art these pdf recipes? My recipe page only has a link to PRINT them...
  2. Hi all I'm considering starting up an online shop and wanted to ask if anyone could give me some information on how to order Coopers Beer Kits at Wholesale price. I am also considering Drop Shipping methods as well. Any help would be very much appreciated. Cheers Rob :-)
  3. Hi guys. Before I say anything, I respect both sides of this equation & question. Given some of the commercial brews released by Coopers in the last 24 months, I was really interested in the links between the commercial entity & the DIY entity in terms of overall development & contact between the two in regard to Coopers beers moving forward. You're both crack teams & I was wondering if there was any interaction &/or rivalry on some level between the two, & was hoping for a little insight into how you both might interact at times if indeed this even happens. Secretly I'm hoping I've opened a conversation where you two proud Coopers areas can have a bit of fun in a friendly slinging match I reckon everyone on the forum would really enjoy reading. I've turned the volume setting to "ON" with the mic, any takers in Coopers land? Cheers, Lusty.
  4. Hi guys. I searched for sometime on the new forum for a suitable thread to add this to but couldn't find one easily, so have had to make this one. I'm a bit strapped for time this weekend but need to get a brew down, so decided earlier in the week to brew the Coopers DIY Sparkling Ale recipe. I've never attempted to brew the beer at home before, but have always wanted to give it a crack as it is a ripping beer & one I find I enjoy more during the colder months of the year due to the alcohol heat & flavour it provides. I prepped the commercial ale yeast through the re-activation process a few days ago, & it is ready to go. The problem I encountered was when double checking the recipe online here on the new site. One, it doesn't read well with the recipe ingredients being listed first & foremost because if you don't bother to scroll down further & continue to read, you'll think all of those ingredients need to be used. The method listing for this recipe doesn't even mention the inclusion of the dextrose addition at all, despite it being a part of the recipe. I'm not 'having a dig', I just want to help highlight & iron out a few of the creases of the new site. I have devised my own recipe using the Sparkling Ale kit to hit the required numbers. Cheers, Lusty.
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