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Found 6 results

  1. I'm wanting to make the Capital Pils which asks for 2 X 86 days pilsner. Well, my local Dan Murphys and big W doesn't have it. So can I substitute with something else or better to wait until I can get the 86 days?
  2. I’ve just bottled my first Coopers Lager.....which is also my very first home brew. I left the wort in the FV for 7 days after FG was achieved at 1012 so a total of approx 12-13 days. Now I’ve bottled the brew with the 30 PET bottles which came with the Coopers DIY Kit. My question is, is the yeast with the Coopers Lager kit a lager or ale yeast? Just wondering if I need to keep the bottles for the next few weeks for bottle fermentation above 18 degrees or I don’t need to control the inside temperature? Looking forward to tasting my first brew.
  3. Hello everyone, I want to brew up a Kolsch when it gets warmer. Can I have some suggestions as to what beer extract kit to use as a starting point. Thanks for your time
  4. Hi everyone, I’m going to put down a “Coopers XPA” as found in the recipe section of the DIY Beer site. I have all of the ingredients however am substituting the respective hops with El Dorado and Azacca. At first I could not buy the light dry malt, so bought the Brew Enhancer 3 for its malt content. My question is, if I add the brew enhancer 3 to the wort on top of all the other malt (light crystal grains 400g, light liquid malt extract 1.5kg and light dry malt 500g), will it do anything adverse to the brew? thanks for any / all advice, this is a great community! Tony
  5. First brew is settling for a couple of days prior to bottling so I thought I'd plan for what goes in the next brew. I have: 2 x Coopers Draught cans (old BBD Sep 10 for 1 and Oct 19 for other)) 1 x Coopers Dark Ale can (new) 1 x Brew Enhancer #3 bag of sugar (think it's just table sugar but it's very fine) Brown sugar I'd like to make a stronger than normal drinkable beer. I figure I will need new yeast for the Draught cans and plan to get LDM 500gm Currently I am thinking... Plan 1: 2 x Draught, BE3, 250 gm brown sugar, 250 gm normal sugar - hopefully counter the bitterness mentioned from combining 2 cans? Plan 2: 1 x Dark Ale, BE3, LDM - unsure about brown sugar for this - it SOUNDS like it would add a nice flavour, but...? Thoughts please?
  6. what aload shit 4kg of enhancer 3 4 loads of shit even concrete blocks are softer hit one with flat side of shifter spannner no good I PAID GOOD MONEY for so called quality goods and you sent 4kg of croncete blocks what are you going to do about it
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