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Found 7 results

  1. Just reading over the Anarchy IPA recipe of the month and I realised I have stuffed up when putting this recipe down yesterday! I only topped up to 20l, the recipe says top up to 20l then get temp right by topping up to 22l, I pitched the yeast about 24hrs ago and it's in my temp controlled freezer, should I risk adding another 2l of water or just leave it be? Airlock is bubbling away nicely. What do you people think?
  2. Hey all - new here - but have been brewing for a few years now, wanting to get more science into my recipes. I'm trying to get BrewTarget to add Extract IBU's to my recipes. Coopers list their extract packaged IBU's and say to divide it into the batch volume to get the real IBU. Same for their colours too. So using Mr Beer NW PA and nothing else - it's 1.3kg, IBU 390 to make 8.5L batch - I do 9.5L When you divide that out : 1.3/9.5 * 390 = 53. However BT calcs this as 6.4 IBU. The BT entry field for IBU says the figure entered should be the bitterness of the pre-hopped extract but I'm unclear on the units. Nothing I use seems to make sense. Any ideas. TIA
  3. Hey guys Looking for ideas on improving/experimenting with the coopers Australian Pale Ale kit. I currently have: 1x Australian Pale Ale 1.7kg 1x Brew enhancer 2 1kg I also have on hand Simcoe, Centennial and Riwaka hops. Just wondering what hop schedule I could do for the above hops or if could add any specialty grains to pimp the standard kit out a bit Any ideas or input would be great!
  4. Hermoor

    Coopers Cerveza

    Coopers Cerveza has been my go to beer this summer, BE2 and Citra hops. This week I went to brew another one but I can't find any. Normally I can get them from Dan Murphys or Big W. The Dan Murphys website says unavailable and the Big W shelves were empty. Is it going to be still available??
  5. paconlacellars

    30+ years of Cooper's!

    As I completed entering the log of my latest batch of Cooper Dark Ale I noticed that this was batch #131. I flipped back to my first Cooper's entry: October 30, 1987. Wow, over 31 years of brewing Cooper"s!! I have brewed many different kit brands (including mashing my own) but have always returned to the best; over half of my recorded batches have been Cooper's - and with the exception of a few 'gift' kits, exclusively since 2003!!!
  6. I am yet to try this but logic dictates the following: There appears 2 ways to make beer for DIY Craft beer smaller tanks. 1. If using Coopers Craft 1.3 kg recipes – don’t add extra sugar in tank as sugar already mixed into the recipe. Costs approx Aus $1 per 740 ml bottle 2. If using other 1.7 – 1.8 kg recipes - then split into exactly 2 halves & store one half in air tight sterilised container in fridge for future batch. Use other half to make brew. Use stored half as soon as first half is bottled. When ready to brew recipe, mix in tank and add 500 g sugar. Will need to obtain & add yeast to second half of recipe as recipes only come with one serving of yeast. Use brewing yeast only. Costs approx Aus $0.50c per 740 ml bottle. Hope this helps. Would love to hear the results from anyone who tries this halving recipe.
  7. Hey folks. I purchased the Island toasted coconut porter Coopers Recipe of the month. I want to experiment a little/a lot and was thinking of adding chocolate and/or raspberry. Anyone have any experience with adding either of these ingredients to an extract/grain recipe? i found an all grain recipe that said to throw in a can of raspberry in the fermenter among with the toasted coconut and let it sit for a month. What about using Lindt raspberry dark chocolate? How would I go about adding chocolate to the mix? Cheers ?