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Found 32 results

  1. Bitter Sweet Wheat - October 2020 Craft Recipe of the Month in pdf format for those outside of Australia to see the recipe in perpetuity. Bitter Sweet Wheat.pdf
  2. Has anyone made any adjustments to the hefe wheat at all ? Ive just kegged my first batch it looks and tastes good but only 3.9% . I'd like to get it to around 5.5% while still keeping it tasting like a wheat beer. Any tips or thoughts would be great ?
  3. Hey there! Ive been brewing for a while, just using basic Mr Beer Extracts with Coopers Craft beer fermenter (8.5 l). Ive decided to test my hand at more complex brews, and in turn I am currently fermenting the Pumpkin Rising Recipe. After the first initial brew ( and sanitising everything as per usual), it has been sitting in the fermenter. As of last Friday ( I waited 4 days), I cooked and placed the pumpkin puree into the fermenter. Previously, the yeast had been quite active but since I placed the puree in the yeast has become considerably less active ( as per my photo you can see the line from where the yeast it to where it is now). I also use a temp controller and have had it at 20 degrees celsius the whole time. Is it normal for the yeast to calm down after putting in the puree? I understand this is my first time doing the pumpkin rising recipe, but it would be great to have any guidance, ideas etc. of how to absolutely nail this style. Big pumpkin fan here. Want to make something drinkable !
  4. Sweet Nectar Kolsch - April 2020 Craft Recipe of the Month in pdf file for those outside of Aussieland to be able to see the recipe. Respect to @Coopers DIY Beer Team for including a pdf on the Forum home page. My post means it will always be searchable too. Sweet Nectar Kolsch.pdf
  5. Out Of The Dark - September 2020 Craft Recipe Of The Month in pdf file for those outside of Australia to be able to see the recipe in perpetuity. Out Of The Dark Saison.pdf
  6. Laneway Latte Stout - June 2020 Craft Recipe of the Month in pdf file for those outside of Aussieland to be able to see the recipe. Laneway Latte Stout.pdf
  7. I have just put in my fathers day order for a craft drew kit. My plan is use is later with the 1.7kg kits with no added malt, just the kit, to make nice high alcohol, extra hoppy beer. Has anyone else tried this?
  8. Left Field Spiced Lager - August 2020 Craft Recipe of the Month in pdf file for those outside of Australia to be able to see the recipe. Left Field Spiced Lager.pdf
  9. Periscope Baltic Porter - July 2020 Craft Recipe of the Month in pdf format for those outside of Australia to be able to see the recipe Periscope Baltic Porter.pdf
  10. I feel I need to stir this brew, but the recipe says it’s not required. any help would be appreciated
  11. G'day. I'm not new to homebrewing, but have come back to it after an absence of three years. Decided downsize, so have invested in the 8.5 litre Craft Brew kit and associated extract products. My only issue is round keeping the brew at a stable temperature. I'm thinking an Inkbird ITC-308, controlling a heat belt. However, I can't find the power consumption of the Inkbird unit. This is important as I live off-grid in the highlands of Tasmania, and at this time of the year I'm on battery power up to 16 hours a day. Iv'e searched the forums but can't find any info. Neither Inkbird or eBay sellers have been able to provide me with consumption (usually in watts). Anyone out there with the knowledge?
  12. Hey guys I’m going to make this recipe as listed on this website here: https://www.diybeer.com/au/recipe/authentic-ipa.html# but there are two things that I find confusing about this recipe. Can anyone that’s made it give me some advice? 1) The recipe comes with 1kg of dextrose but then further down in the ingredients it says 500g of dextrose. Which is it? 2) Neither the Recipe Contains or You Supply sections mention yeast but in the ingredients further down it says “1 x Coopers Commercial Yeast Culture (or ale yeast of your choice) & brew can yeast.” should I be adding both the brew can yeast and a packet of ale yeast? Thanks in advance for any advice you can give!
  13. Hey guys, So this has probably been asked a thousand times. But I am looking to start brewing my own beer, so just looking for some advice on where to start. What's a good kit to get to start brewing? What type of beer is better for beginners? Pretty much anything to help would be great. I've read a little bit on using kegs instead of bottles as well, which I think would be a better idea for me instead of bottling. Cheers
  14. iv read that it’s ok to use expired brew extract as long as you use fresh yeast. Question is - i got an unopened kit via gumtree that came with a mr beer amber ale can. It’s 4 years past expiry. has anyone tried brew extract this old? I don’t mind if it gets darker just wondering if flavour etc will be decent. also if I’m getting new yeast any tips on what might be nice with an amber ale? thanks for any tips brew legends
  15. Hey folks, With the lockdown and moving to a new place I picked up the coopers diy craft brew kit that comes with the amber ale.. I followed all the instructions and set everything in the FV on Thursday at 3pm.. The fermantation looks legit as I can see the cloud and bubbles around at the top.. I did not check the OG because the instructions said its 1047 and I was confident that my mix was going to have that value.. Today I wanted to check the SG and it showed a reading of 1061, the beer sample did smell okay and tasted somewhat bittery. My question to the group is, for a 3 day brew should the reading be high? I am just worried if it will come down by the end of the 7 day period.. Or am I being impatient. The FV temp strip has always been around 20 - 24 mark.. Thanks
  16. About a month ago I came across Cooper's Craft Beer kits heavily discounted at ALDI. At $19.90 for the full kit I thought that I couldn't lose - this is about the price of a 6-pack off the shelf. The kit brew was named as an amber ale which is my normal choice in a beer anyway. I followed the instructions and for help I read a bit more here in the forum. Being Spring in WA temperature control was easy as my inner office stayed within range for the whole 2 weeks of initial brewing. I am now drinking the first bottles. It is excellent!!! No need to make excuses for a home brew. I would happily pay normal price for this amber ale. Don't know the alcohol content but it's got a heavier kick than my normal off the shelf full strength purchases. Certainly couldn't drive after a full 750 ml bottle. Thanks Coopers and the Forum. Now to read more here on what I should do next - e.g. cut down a standard brew to fit the 8.5 litres, buy another craft brew, buy a full size kit etc? With summer almost here I've got to get this done before the WA heat arrives.
  17. Howdy! I brewed the 'Mr beer Long Play IPA' as per the instructions and have found the beer is very dark and has a burnt taste to it. Previously i brewed the 'Mr beer bewitched amber ale'. this was not as dark in appearance and had less dark flavors than the Long play IPA and also didn't taste burnt. i am using the coopers DIY craft brew kit. Does anyone have any idea where the burnt flavor could have come from? https://www.diybeer.com/au/coopers-diy-beer-craft-brew-kit.html https://www.diybeer.com/au/mr-beer-long-play-ipa.html https://www.diybeer.com/au/mr-beer-bewitched-amber-ale.html
  18. just got the diy craft beer kit and have a couple of questions: can all of the mr brew extracts (golden ale, amber ale, north west pale, ipa,) can be made without needing a krausen kollar? also as ales, are they a little more warm temperature forgiving? the best i can do is put in bottom kitchen cupboard that's quite stable but can get up to 25 max in summer. i can drape in wet towel too if that will help to reduce temp. thanks for any helps guys.
  19. Brewers! First off, I wish to wish everyone a merry and safe Christmas! So, I want to know the best way about about doubling/tripling a craft kit recipe for the standard 30l fermenter! Would it be as simple as using a larger tin and tripling the rest of ingredients? For instance I’ve done a few of the craft recipes and they are amazing and I want to do more volume! Ie jitter juice and lime milkshake ipa Any help would be gladly appreciated!
  20. Hi guys, I have a 9.5 L keg of Hopiphany White IPA which was brewed, then filled and purged with CO2 some weeks ago and stored away. I’m going to put it in my keezer for 24hrs to cool then carbonate with CO2, my question is with carbonation ? I want to drink it on the weekend, so I normally put my 19L kegs ( once cooled for 24hrs ) on 300kpa for 24 hrs , let rest, then put on serving pressure which works great and have good carbonation and, so for a 9.5 L keg ( once cooled for 24hrs ) do I put it on 300kpa for half the time eg- 12hrs, then let rest as per my 19 L method ? Seems logical to me to half the carbonation time but not sure ? Cheers Red Devil 44
  21. Hi all, I generally brew the 23l batches but have ordered the ROTM 8.5l recipe kit. Can this be brewed in the 23l fermenter? I don’t think coopers sell the 8.5l fermenter on its own (just the starter kit) it’s just the collar I can see in the store. thanks.
  22. Hi just wondering the difference between the beers done in the 23ltr diy beer kit and the 8.5 ltr Craft Brew kit. How different is Craft Beer? Im thinking of getting a kit
  23. Just opened my first bottle of a new brew. I've noticed a few people asking about using a 1.7kg brew kit in the 8.5l Craft Brew FV. This is my second ever brew, and I used the 1.7kg Rapid Creek Pale kit in the 8.5l FV. I didn't add any sugar and filled it to a shade under 9l. Took about 9 days to get a consistent final gravity, and I have opened this bottle after 12 days in the bottle, more to get an idea of how well it works. It's a definite winner. More like an amber, fruitier ale than a pale, but I think it's something I'd try again. Could do with a little more time in bottles, but it looks like the larger brew kits work okay in the smaller FV.
  24. Hi, My daughter gave me some little hops plants for Xmas. It will be quite a while before I can harvest anything. They are hersbrucker. On-line descriptions of their character are all over the place. I have the Coopers craft kit and have tried a few of their recipes and kits of the month and have downloaded the helpful Excel spreadsheet someone did for these. No recipe seems to use Hersbrucker. I have bought 50g of Hersbrucker pellets to try. Can someone suggest a recipe that would show off their character? I am thinking something simple like adding them to a relatively bland base, perhaps the Bewitched Amber Ale can without doing much else, perhaps boiling half in some water (how long?) to add to the can and water to 8.5L, then use the other half to dry hop later? Just using the kit yeast? Please pile in with any suggestion!
  25. I have the Coopers craft kit and have tried various of the recipes in the Coopers database. I have noticed that they mostly don't use the kit yeast. I assume that the kit yeast is not bad yeast. Why would Coopers put in a poor ingredient when they could include a good yeast at no more expense? I understand that it might be a wisely chosen robust strain, or maybe a blend of strains, so that it can cope with a wide temperature range and not perform too badly. Is it just that the recipe authors are aiming for particular style and so choose something specific and different? How much difference do different yeasts really make or is it enough to just understand that lager yeast likes cool (8-12) and ale yeast can cope with warmer (18-20 or more)? Even in hot weather and without any active temperature control I can keep things to around 22 degrees - our bathroom stays quite cool. I am happy to just make a enjoyable drink without getting pedantic about whether it matches any particular style.
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