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Found 5 results

  1. Just wondering if anyone has any idea about how much this signed coopers Vintage Magnum is worth, i won it in a raffle and dont know if i should keep it or sell it
  2. ... but it's still going to cost $52 with shipping, so perhaps not.
  3. Hey guys. Just wondering if any one has used real fruit in brew to flavour. Open to all suggestions as im thinkin bout it.
  4. Hi all After some advice on my latest brew. Have been brewing now for around 18 months and have done 15 brews. This brew I put together yesterday and pitched yeast at 12.20 pm. I used Mangrove jacks m42 yeast sprinkled on top dry. There was a bit of activity from the airlock about an hour later. Since then nothing I know it can be up to 36 hours for active fermentation. Its currently sitting on 20 deg, with a inkbird attached only for heating. I first attached it at the top third of the fermenter. With my heat probes about midway on the fermenter. I have now moved the heat belt to the bottom. I will attach some pictures. I’m concerned the heat may have stuffed the yeast as this is a top fermenting yeast. And the heat may have been concentrated in the top of the wort. I am also away for work this week and just want to make sure it ok before I go. OG was 1048 I will probably take another one to check it. Am I just in panic mode for no reason ? Any help appreciated. Cheers Scott
  5. I am yet to try this but logic dictates the following: There appears 2 ways to make beer for DIY Craft beer smaller tanks. 1. If using Coopers Craft 1.3 kg recipes – don’t add extra sugar in tank as sugar already mixed into the recipe. Costs approx Aus $1 per 740 ml bottle 2. If using other 1.7 – 1.8 kg recipes - then split into exactly 2 halves & store one half in air tight sterilised container in fridge for future batch. Use other half to make brew. Use stored half as soon as first half is bottled. When ready to brew recipe, mix in tank and add 500 g sugar. Will need to obtain & add yeast to second half of recipe as recipes only come with one serving of yeast. Use brewing yeast only. Costs approx Aus $0.50c per 740 ml bottle. Hope this helps. Would love to hear the results from anyone who tries this halving recipe.
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