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  1. Check out the smoty ale recipe.. similar to your idea here but uses the Australian pale ale tin and ekg hops. Its one of the best brews I've done
  2. Hi guys bottling one of these soon- is this a style where I can use a little less priming sugar ie 1 carb drop per 640ml bottle or should this be quite carbonated? Just have some spare carb drops lying around I want to use up and don't want to cut them up to suit the 640ml bottles.
  3. I just put down a smoty ale last week! Was very bitter initially from my hydrometer test but I read that it dissipates. Looking forward to trying it in a couple of weeks
  4. Using up the stuff that came with the diy beer kit.. Coopers lager + be1 500gm ldm 20g Amarillo boiled for 15 mins 15g Amarillo for 5 mins 15g Amarillo dry hopped Started at 22c but got it down to 18c within 24 hours and stayed there since. Hope it's good, first brew for 5 years!
  5. you can get cheap water storage cubes from bunnings that are advertised as 20litres but you can get around 22-23 litres in em perfect for bulk priming, also saves you heaps of time dropping a lolly into each single bottle. i pour the sugar solution in to the bottom and just connect the 2 taps with some clear food grade hose and open the taps. also because the sugar solution is on the bottom where all the beer flows in through the tap it gets mixed naturally, no stirring required. easy
  6. oh well good luck hopefully yours turns out way better than mine [biggrin] i didn't add the corriander or orange peel, just bought the whispering wheat(?!) can,wheat malt and yeast so maybe the extra additions make it taste a lot better
  7. I've used Safbrew WB06 before - put out great banana/clovey flavours like a wheat beer should be.. from memory i fermented it at 22C as i heard the wheat yeasts put out a few more esters at that temp. Apart from the yeast flavour the beer was disgusting though, dont ever buy this kit - black rock whispering wheat 1.7kg, 1kg wheat malt, safbrew wb06 guy at the shop reckoned it would be "pretty close to hoegaarden" yeah right!
  8. Great thanks for the speedy reply. 13C it is. Have I gone way overboard with the hops or will it be okay? I find those little 13g bags of "finishing hops" from homebrew stores to not be enough to have any significant impact on the taste, particularly with saaz, but I have gone overboard with Pride of Ringwood before and it was undrinkably bitter for a couple of months (nice after that though [lol] )
  9. Hi Putting down a european lager soon, and am just wondering how low the kit yeast will tolerate? Time is no issue, I just want the cleanest taste possible and I've read the lower the better with lagers (down to around 9 degrees). I have a fridge with temp control (fridgemate) so temperature will be maintained as low as possible. I'm also going to add some extra hops to get a bit more bitterness and flavour. I enjoy saaz hops so was thinking of boiling 30g for 30mins to get the IBU around 27 (is this too bitter?), 15g more at 0 mins for flavour and then dry hopping 30g in secondary. Is this overkill? I want a nice fresh hop flavour but not over the top so it tastes rubbish. Making the kit with a 1.5kg Coopers Light LME by the way. Thanks for your help.
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