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  1. Thanks for the advice, I just checked sg today and it's now down to 1016, wow im so happy, leave it s few days and hopefully get down to 1014 if not and it stabilizes at 1016 I should be right to bottle at that????
  2. I put down my Coopers Purple XPA as per listed recipe (only addition 1 cup maltodextrin) on the 5th Dec using 10g safale-5 and temp 18 to 20 controlled in a fridge at 1051sg, it started to ferment well after a day and I added the extra hop pellets in a bag dropped on top on the 11th Dec day 6 from there on the fermentation seemed to drop of and I rechecked on the 15th Dec day 10 and it seems to have stalled at 1020 since, I gave it a light stir yesterday and upped the temp to 20 but it hasn't reactivated? What am I doing wrong? this also happened to my last brew a Lord Nelson 4 sheets clone that started at 1044sg after 4 days of fermentation I added the extra cascade hop pellets? Day 7 stalled at 1020sg I stirred it, no go, day 10 added 7g ale yeast activated with 100g sugar still dead, left it for another week with no change and tipped it out. I had done 3 brews before this with great success and now 2 in a row that stall at 1020sg what am I doing wrong and how might I save my XPA as it is now day 12 and tastes quite nice ????? PLEASE HELP ME
  3. I put down the new 2020 vintage ale 2020 on the 19th Oct at OG 1060 and it seemed to stop on day 7 at OG 1014 I gave it 2 days still 1014 and 2 more days still 1014 so I shall bottle today. The sheet I got with it said fermentation should be 10 to 14 days. I did use 25L instead of 21L to break back the alcohol content, would this cause it?? Do I have a major problem? or could it still be OK? you comments would be appreciated Denny
  4. Hi, I am currently brewing Laneway Latte Stout and new to steeping gains, they said to hit with rolling pin in a zip tie bag, I used my large pestle and mortar and pounded it in the coopers bag it came in, is this overdoing it and could I spoil it by crushing too much? tomorrow is day 5 and asks for adding coffee beans to the wort in a mesh bag, I want to know would it be better to crush the beans first as it does not mention this at all? Thanks for your advice, Denny
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