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  1. I picked up some(3 packs) of these caps too recently. They do look great. They finish off a home made product perfectly! Cheers - Martin
  2. It's true! never drink, brew or cook with water from your hot water tap. Next time you see a hot water service that's broken, tip it on it's side and watch the goop ooze out! Rusty, brown, red muck, and it smells. My hot water service died one day( it was only about 10 years old), and we changed from electric to gas. I drained the last bit of water out of it by tilting it on it's side,.....Grose!! Don't do it. Cheers - martin
  3. When buying bleach at the supermarket, I allways see regular or scented(in various smells) never "unscented" So Iv'e gone for the regular. But many "regular" bottles still stink of perfumes. I've had to buy several bottles of different regular brands to finaly find one which doesn't smell too much of "Garden fresh". Where can one buy "unscented" bleach? Cheers - Martin
  4. c38193, I purchased my "pickaxe" bottles of Ebay, $8 for 90 longnecks. I just typed in "homebrew" or "beer bottles". Look in the Trading Post. Or ask around. Some people may still have them stacked under their house or behind their shed. I also use about 40 old "Crown Lager" stubbies with no problems. Cheers - Martin
  5. Paul c40233, I basicly put as much info about my brew in a little book. Under the lid of your Coopers can you'll find a basic log of brewing - thats a good start. I note down gravity readings thru out the fermenting period, temperatures, any additives I've put in etc. How many bottles filled, tasting notes etc. Then if you made a good brew a few months ago, you should be able to replicate it, if you follow your log book. Cheers - Martin
  6. Paul, Disscussion is going good, I just thought it could be interesting to see what and how many brews others have made..... Cheers - Martin
  7. I guess there would be some with quite a few brews in their log books. I've only made twelve brews in total. Two in my first attempt to brew in 1992 - they were both Coopers Lager. Both were great, but for a variaty of reasons I never brewed again till 2003. Since then I've made ten brews - maybe not a lot compared to some, but it's enough to show a spare tyre around my gut! :( My log book has in it; Coopers Draught - 3 Coopers Lager - 3 Coopers Clasic Old Dark Ale - 2 Coopers Bavarian Lager -1 Coopers Heritage Lager - 1 Other Brands & style; - Wheet Beer - 1 - Lager - 1 Cheers - Martin
  8. I'd be interested to see a poll on this site to see how many brews each member has made. Also which Coopers beer they prefer to brew. Or a rating on each style? Any one else interested? Cheers - Martin
  9. Howdy, Don't know about you, but everytime I bottle, I think there must be a quicker and easier way to clean, sanitise and rinse bottles. And also a way to save some water. At present, I use a lot of water in the rinsing stage. I've been thinking of making a bottle washer/sanitiser thingo. A rack sitting above a container of some sort where I'd put six or so bottles in and have water jets spraying solutions into them. I think an old washing machine pump would be great to power the unit as it would give a good supply and is able to pump very hot water. You would just recirculate the water for the whole batch. first to wash them for 30 sec or so. Then change the water to a sanitising solution to give them a squirt, and then rinse with fresh water. Has any one made any gadgets for cleaning bottles to get more more efficiency? Just a thought..... Cheers - Martin
  10. Is it normal to have quite a strong smell of the beer in fermenter after it's been washed, rinsed, dried, & stored for a few weeks? Any suggestions of how to get rid of it if it's not supposed to smell? Cheers - Martin
  11. Just wondering, what's with the date "01 Jan 1970"? Iv'e seen it on some messages as being the joining date from several members. Including Wal, Jazman, C41171 & myself. Probably some glitch in the system? I joined Jan 2003 I think? Cheers - Martin
  12. Thanks for them details C41171. Keeping the temp in the fridge warm enough when Mother Nature chooses to be cold is not a problem. It's taken care of with a sepperate thermostat & heating unit, run independantly from any of the fridges standard componants. This thermostat you talk of "EGO........." could that be wired in to the fridge as to switch on the cooling when the fridge / brew temp gets above a set temp, say 23deg? My tin garage gets rather warm in summer. And I'd like to make my unit "set & forget". Cheers - Martin
  13. The seal I got with my coopers kit was a white seal, and got all dry and powdery after a couple of uses. I got a new seal (black one) from my local brew shop and did have some sealing problems but since made a simple spanner to tighten and remove the lid. I'ts rough looking but works a treat. Made of an old lenght of scrap angle iron with two slots cut out of it. I'll make a nicer looking one one day. This one is all rusty and gets your hands quite dirty. Cheers - Martin
  14. Thanks a lot. It does look very simple. If you look at how much $ you save by brewing your own beer, $175 is't too expensive (I think). I'll still look into making my own, just for the satisfaction. I'll email that site & enquire about specs. Cheers - Martin
  15. Whats the difference between light dry malt and light liquid malt, appart from the obvious, that one is dry and one is liquid? If there is no difference, wouldn't it be easier just to use the liquid malt? Iv'e used the liquid malt before and is as easy as! Cheers - Martin
  16. Has any one converted a fridge to a brewing fridge here? I don't have a problem warming the fridge when outside temperatures are low, but keeping it cool when the weater is warm. The fridge is in a tin garage, so it gets pretty hot in there in summer. Iv'e made up a thermostaticly controlled fan forced heating device to keep the fermenter/bottles warm. It's quite simple really. I got a thermostat from a waterbed and attached a light bulb to the heating pad cord. The fan is an old computer fan (12volt) which runs of an old power adaptor (like a phone charger). The fan sits behind the light bulb mounted on a piece of wood. The fan runs continueously and the light goes on when things get below the set temp. This all sits in the freezer compartment so as the brew is not exposed to light. The fan also stops the light bulb from over heating in the confined space. The cooling parts of the fridge still work but would bring the temp too low. I'm thinking of a thermostat from an airconditioner fitted to replace the original thermostat. I guess their temp range would be 26 - 16deg for cooling? "one day" I'll see a refrigeration mechanic for advice. Any help or hints I would appreciate. Cheers - Martin
  17. Paul, Why did I stop brewing :?: Well, I'm not sure. Probably lots of reasons. * I was younger - 18. * No one else I knew brewed. * Mother was worried her garage would blow up! * Moved house 5 times. * Not enough patience. Why did I start brewing again :?: Again, probably lots of reasons. * I've got the taste for different beers, other than regular beers eg. VB, Carlton Draught, etc. * I've thought about it for 12 years. * Settled down a bit. * tasted beer from more experienced brewers and realised that as good a beer as comercial beers can be brewed at home. Why do I still brew and why is my beer better than in the past :?: * I do have more patience. * It's a good hobby that tastes great! * My wife and daughter get involved in the brewing and bottling. * Met other people who brew, and took mental notes on their techniques, equipment and gadets. * Tinkering with the brew fridge and gadgets is half the fun. Cheers - Martin
  18. Brew No.10 Is ready to be bottled! :D Hi to all @ Coopers & thanks for making great homebrewing products. This is my first time posting on this site but have read quite a few of the previous messages with interest and have gained valuable knowledge from them - thanks members. I first brewed Coopers about 12 years ago with great success, but from age 18 moved home quite a few times and brewing was put on the back burner for a while. But X-Mas 2002 I received a gift voucher from Kmart who at the time had 25% savings store wide, I snapped up my new Coopers Brew kit for a real bargain. - Havn't looked back since. (except for my new beer gut!) I've set my self up quite well with an old fridge and heating controller which keeps the temp within 0.5Cels. Yet to find a thermostat for the cooling side of things, perhaps an old airconditioner thermostat? Theyr'e in the right temp range. Got 90 or so old style longnecks off E-Bay for $8. Can't go wrong. Anyway thanks again Coopers. Cheers - Martin
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