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  1. Thanks so much for your help PB,I will check that recipe out. I appreciate you taking the time to reply. Cheers N'oz
  2. Hi Everyone, After a bit of a hiatus I am back brewing again,I'm looking to brew something refreshing for the warmer months coming up later in the year,yesterday a friend gave me 3 cans of Beermakers Cold,this is a concentrate that I have never used and I was wondering whether anyone has any suggestions about what I could do to "jazz it up" ,I have supplies of light malt,dextrose,plain sugar and some Galaxy hops. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Cheers N'oz
  3. Was just surfing the net and came upon this story on CBS,very interesting. http://www.cbsnews.com/news/craft-breweries-compete-for-more-than-just-good-beer/ Cheers N'oz
  4. Thanks for the kind words Lusty, Cheers and good brewing and drinking to you too. N'oz
  5. ...yet!! Wait for it, VB has quite a cruel Karma. In what could only be considered "a bizarre & unfortunate situation", if you are placing me in a position where I am forced to drink that stuff, please have the decency to knock me out before pouring it down my throat. Lusty. Wouldn't do that to you Lusty,I'd try camel pee first. Cheers N'oz
  6. Right now I'm listening to Good Thing by Fine Young Cannibals,great song and the music video is brilliant. Cheers N'oz
  7. I have 2 dozen cans of Swan Lager from about 1985,I didn't like the taste then and I doubt I would like it any better today! As for 170 year old shipwreck beer,well you wouldn't get me drinking that stuff,but then again I have drunk quite a lot of VB over the years and it hasn't killed me Cheers N'oz
  8. ...and you use this vegetable of sorts in your brewing how Hairy? I'll have a wild guess & say' date=' 'as a spectator'. [img']tongue[/img] Hehe! Kudos though. Cheers, Anthony. I believe that somewhere in Hawaii they make a beer from Taro which grows from a corm (I think) Cheers N'oz
  9. No. This article explains the use of adjuncts in brewing and gives some more info on corm. BYO - Adjuncts Thanks Hairy that's a very informative link. Cheers N'oz
  10. Would the "maize" in Pieroni just be maltodextrin? Cheers N'oz
  11. Hi Phil,' I calibrated the hydrometer by boiling some water and letting it drop to 20 degrees ,it seems fine and is showing almost dead on 1.000,I took another reading of the brew and it does seem to be different,it's showing 1.032 which would seem to be close to the spreadsheet values,maybe I misread it this morning or perhaps I didn't let the sample in the tube settle before looking at it. But anyway I am going to take the advice of our hairy friend and yourself and just let it do it's thing,no sign of anything happening yet but by this time tomorrow I'm sure all will be well . Thank you to both of you for your continued help and kindness. Cheers N'oz
  12. Thanks for the advice Hairy,I will let it be and we shall see how it turns out. Phil I used 500gms light dry malt and 250gms of dextrose ,I will check the hydrometer and take another reading tonight,it should not be very different from this morning right? Cheers N'oz
  13. Hi Everyone, I think I have made my first stuff up.. This morning I started a batch of Coopers APA and I have added 1 litre too much water to the FV,I wasn't watching what I was doing and I have a 24 litre batch instead of 23. The OG reading is 1027 but being a newbie to this I'm not sure what the ideal OG should be,I followed the instructions on the can for adding malt etc but the wort does look very pale. Is there anything I can do? I thought of adding extra malt but I don't have any on hand. I guess we all make mistakes but I am kicking myself for not being careful. As usual any and all advice is very much appreciated. Cheers N'oz
  14. Well the good news is that after I took Phil's advice the Coopers Draught carried on the fermenting for a couple of days then stabilised at an FG of 1002 which from a starting gravity of 1038 by my calculations equals an ABV of abaout 4.7 which seems ok to me,I left it to settle for a couple of days and bottled this morning,seems to have good colour and I even tasted a little drop and has good flavour and bitterness is about right too. Thanks for your help Phil and Ben. Now to decide on what I should brew next. Cheers N'oz
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