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  1. Hey all, If anyone is looking for a fermenting fridge that works between 7 degC and 18degC, ALDI in Glenquarie - Sydney, has one last Wine cooler fridge left and it's $99 (from $180). I tried to justify it to the Boss, but she said no... :( Apparently a 430L and a 210L is enough! Xavier.
  2. I'm highly considering brewing up this nice little 'Toucan & Son'. Just wondering if steeping some specialty grains to give it a more chocolate flavour, and hop it with Fuggles for a slight minty taste and aroma might work. Anyone tried to spruce a stout up at all with adjuncts such as this?
  3. I brewed up a wheat beer last night with some Tettnang hops for aroma. Looking forward to it when it's done! Omm nom nom! The good old Coopers fermenter has had two batches of Ginger Beer in it so far and soon to have a lemonade and now considering using that one solely for similar brews. (I have no idea where my brain gets it's ideas from sometimes) [annoyed] I was given a lovely gift of a second fermenter recently (I think it's a ploy to get me to make more Ginger Beer), I put the brew together and checked the progress this morning. I can help to feel like something is wrong... ...the airlock is bubbling! HELP![roll] LOL
  4. ...and now we shall sing Hymn number 73, "Thy will Sparge not Shower" from the book of Krausen.
  5. Cheers Muddy, At the moment, the Bottles are sitting in a constant 22DegC freezer. What temperature range would you suggest for bottle conditioning the Ginger Beers? I bought one of those USB Temperature Data Loggers I mentioned in another post. Calibrated it and it's spot on! It's been sitting in the vacant space under the stairs since Thursday night. Going to see what the temp range is and see if it's going to be appropriate for Bottle conditioning.
  6. Update. Just thought I might give you all a quick update on my Ginger Beer. Opened a bottle after two weeks. (young I know) Very little carbonation, almost flat. Used two carbonation drops per PET bottle. "That's a killer Ginger Beer aroma!" As quoted by my fellow tasters. At least I have the aroma science going for me! [lol] First taste. You can definitely tell it was fermented at a higher temperature. You get a solid sense of "there's metho in there" on the taste buds. Goes to show what happens when Ginger Beer is brewed @ 26DegC. After drinking a few sips, you start to loose that "metho" feel and taste only the Ginger/Lemon/Cinnamon. Problems occur when you change the flavours on your palette. Then the "metho" comes back. Probably make this a mixer with Lemonade me thinks. My Blood-Orange Ginger Beer is almost done fermenting. Glad it was done at a lower temp this time around. [annoyed] None the less, the responses I received were good overall. Just had that "Very Strong Alcohol" response from the esters.
  7. That's correct Muddy! [happy] I'd also like to get an idea of the what the temps are around the house too for curiosity's sake! [lol] Although, I must give Kudos to FamilyGuy as his idea was similar to my original idea before I found the STC-1000 temp controller in the online auctions.
  8. Same [alien] 1) Mac OSX 2) Linux(Ubuntu) 3) M$ WinBlows! I'm hoping that it's only referring to the Software, considering it exports into *.TXT and *.CSV (ie .XLS) There's always the free programs to stimulate...err simulate the Winblows programs in OSX and Linux. [bandit] Back on topic, if I find out where in the house/garage I can find a stable temp range without the use of a fridge/freezer, I'll be pleased with the purchase none the less.
  9. Cheers for the insight Andris! [w00t] I really should have added more info to my post. [crying] I live in a area where the temperature fluctuates so much over a 24hour period that I have fermenting fridges to ensure constant brewing and conditioning temps. I can have a swing of up to 15 degrees C in summer. The data logger will inform me on how efficient my setups truly are and how often heating or cooling happens. Nerdy/Geeky habits are hard to break! [roll] In high sight, $42 is pocket change considering most others are in excess of $180 and are dedicated scientific models.
  10. Hey all, I was getting curious about the temperature of a little hiding space I have under the stairs and whether is was constant enough to store my brews for bottle conditioning and/or fermenting. First thoughts were to bring home the massive 12 channel data logger from work, but I've changed my mind from that since I found a rather inexpensive USB Data Logger for about half the cost of everywhere else. Looking at the limited specifications, it seems rather "cheap" and possibly only log in whole degrees. However the snapshots of the software shows data as refined as 0.01 degrees. All things considered, with the Aussie and US dollar almost 1 for 1 at the moment, it wouldn't be a bad asset at all. Would like to hear anyone's thoughts... USB Temperature Data Logger Cheers, Xavier
  11. I've learned a huge amount of information in the last 3 weeks. I thank you all. oh... and welcome to the forums Muddy! [lol] Sorry Muddy, I think I had forgotten your advice. reading back over it, you did actually mention it. :)
  12. "By George... I think he's onto something..." You know what Idicus, I think you may have actually solved my issue. I recall pouring in the boiled wort, then the cool water and stirring, but not letting any of the liquid that may have remained in the tap to clear out I'll have to remember to pay attention to the trapped tap solution in future! Cheers Idicus.
  13. Gonna have to get me a Refractometer then to be sure! :) Cheers Muddy
  14. As you know, I have Ginger Beer on the brew. However, of late it\u2019s turned into Ginger Fuel. I have a concern that I may have created some bad esters in the process as there is a very, very Strong alcohol taste and not much in the way of Ginger Beer-ish flavours. Maybe bottle conditioning May be able to smooth the flavours out. The recipe is, as you know, the one that\u2019s on my Blog with 2Kg of Raw Sugar as the fermentables. This \u201cshould\u201d have resulted as an ABV of 6% but for some reason (still yet to learn and figure it out) Has created liquid rocket fuel with 12.9% ABV. Sounds like the perfect recipe for a great night! I just curious to know if there is any chance that I have produced, esters That may contribute to the overly alcoholic taste the brew currently possess. The Original specific Gravity was 1096 @ 26\u2070C (I\u2019ve taken reading at this temp as I didn\u2019t know any Better in the beginning). Fermenting has taken place at a temp range of 24-26\u2070C, and lasted for 2.5weeks until the final gravity was 1001 @ 26\u2070C. This works out to be around the 13% rocket fuel Mark. Going by the ingredients and process taken place, do you think that there might be a chance of esters In the brew or simply the fact that I\u2019ve put in too much in the way of fermentables in and ended up with the 13% as per expected?
  15. [devil] indeed! I think it's something like 12.8% ABV at the moment. That means it's gone from a Ginger Beer to Ginger Fuel "New E13 petrol. 87% Unleaded, 13% Coopers Ginger Beer!" [innocent]
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