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  1. last time i looked he was using victoria secret hops.
  2. i am keg brewer and have no use for carbonation drops that are supplied with the packs.could there be a option for us keg users.
  3. is anyone doing an android version [innocent]
  4. Hot Liquor Tank =HLT i have fridge the keeps my fermenter at the correct temp 12-16 for lager 18-22 for Ales
  5. my local woolworth's hasn't had any stock for over 6 month's..if i need any it's BigW or kmart which has a limited selection or the local LHBS..
  6. thanks ..will go off to local LHBS and get some[cool]..also any hop recommendations
  7. what type of crystal light,medium,dark in this month's recipe
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