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  1. Hi Matt, Just going back to your wine cooler fridge that you paid $159 for. A little while ago I purchased a fridgemate which allows me to regulate temperatures between 0 & 20 degrees. It cost me $50, and I can use it on any fridge I already own. A great investment for anyone who brews their own beer. I don't know how I did without it..... Cheers Bags
  2. Hi Beer Goggles, I've been trying to think of an appropriate slogan for your maternity t-shirt. How's this sound - "Coopers - just enough hops'. Sorry, it's the only printable idea I came up with. Cheers Bags
  3. G'day Paul, I think you must be sampling too much of the Coopers product :D :D :D . There is a 'search' icon at the top of this page directly under the 'coopers.com.au' heading. Cheers Bags
  4. Lesson well worth heeding.....
  5. G'day Paul and thanks for the reponse, I didn't check the date on the can, however I bought two kits at the same time and brewed them down a couple of days apart in different fermenters and the same thing happened to both. I pitched more yeast into the first wort which stopped and have now got the gravity reading down to 1012. As I'm force carbonating the beers, I may just keg the second one and see what happens. Both beers tasted quite reasonable with no strange odours so I figure there is little chance of the wort being infected. Thanks again Bags
  6. G'day Paul, I have recently brewed a Thomas Coopers Australian Bitter using the preferred ingredients of Coopers Light Malt and the yeast which comes with the kit. I have brewed this many times over the last 12 months without encountering any problems. My OG was .1045 at 26 degrees C (couldn't cool the wort any further) and fermentation commenced as usual and did not appear to be excessively active. After three and a bit days fermentation ceased. I obtained a gravity reading of .1025 at 26 degrees C. I have now had the same reading for three days in a row with all signs of fermentation stopping. Can I assume the yeast is no longer reacting with the sugars and perhaps by adding more yeast fermentation will resume? Although I have brewed this beer at similar temperatures before, is the temperature too high for the yeast? Is it possible to keg the brew with this reading in the hope that it may improve in the keg? Thanks in advance, Bags
  7. Thanks Philby, I'll give them a call and post the result for others who maybe interested. Regards Bags
  8. Would anyone be able to tell me where I can purchase beer tap tops displaying the famous Coopers brand? Tried online auctions with no luck. Regards Peter
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