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  1. Hi Dr Smurto, I understand the frustration at not being able to purchase HomeBrew at the General Store. It's a frustration that I share, as nothing would make me happier than to sell HB through the store....let me explain the situation Being a store inside the airport means we have to operate a little differently than a stand alone store. We signed a retail contract with Adelaide Airport Limited and must adhere to it in regards to items we sell and items that can be brought into a secure location. Unfortunately we are limited by our contract with AAL by what we can sell as a retail outlet and AAL have imposed some non negotiable restictions. One of these restrictions is the sale of 'Foodstuffs' which in the broadest sense of the term unfortunately covers all Home Brew Cans, concentrates, malts, sugars etc. as well as the actual stubbies and cartons of beer. I can't even sell 2pks of stubbies or longnecks to people who want to take them back interstate or O/S - oh the humanity! So the decsion was made at the setup of the store that (for the time being) we wouldn't be able to sell any of the Homebrew concentrates until AAL relaxes its restrictions. Our hands are tied on this, and as I said before, much to my frustration. We do offer all the range on the online store and delivery around Oz has been streamlined to about a week and a half from the time the order is placed. You can use your member card to get the 10% discount on anything purchased from the online store as well. Hope that clears up any confusion as to why we don't stock the Homebrew :) cheers, Matt
  2. We are currently looking into getting a wall mounted opener similar to the old Coke ones that you can nail to your veranda. It was something we toyed with last year and we even had a prototype made up that used a very powerful magnet to allow the opener to stick right to the fridge door. With most of our bottles being screw-top this kind of fell by the wayside but now with a new year upon us were are looking into it again. Watch this space! cheers - Matt
  3. Hi All, Just thought I would introduce myself, I'm Matt and I'm the Retail Manager for the Coopers General Store. I look after all the merchandise that the Brewery has for sale. If you have any questions or comments please drop me a line and I'll try my best to answer them. cheers, Matt
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