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  1. Threw a basic coopers lager can with 500gr left over BE1 500gr LDM approx 400gr BE3 Boiled 2 big handfuls of my bros lucky dip hops flowers (mixed bag of chinook/cascade/PoR) around 75°C 20mins Rehydrated can yeast & Coopers recovered bottle yeast, followed @UncleStavvyadvice re:pitching temps. Suck it & see
  2. Had a think about it. Going to acclimatize them to 20°C Ignore my last 'panic post'
  3. About to pitch my coopers yeast recovered from bottles. Should I room temp it B4 pitching or straight from the fridge? I'm worried it may shock the little blighters
  4. Squeegy nipples on keg lids @iBooz2?? Could be a game changer
  5. On a serious note.. you don't need suds like that. If there's a leak just a Tsp of washing liquid in 1ltr of water. too much suds can make pinpointing a hassle
  6. I can't tell from the big boobs babes washing my windscreen
  7. Bought a six pack of Woodsy's brew just so I could join the conversation Had to ask for "The Star Wars beer"
  8. Not a good look if the rubber is 'rubbing off'. Spend some 'hard earned' on neoprene gaskets & 'O' rings etc. for longevity. I used to be around all that gear 20+ yrs ago. Never realised what I had before me 'til now
  9. Not a kegger myself, but work around pressurised equipment. If you have kegs then I'm assuming you have C02. Pump them up & leak test with some soapy water is what I would do. If they are 2nd hand then it would be prudent to obtain at least some replacement seals/washers/grommets as a stand by safety measure. On a peronal note, if I scored some cheap kegs I would retrofit them.... otherwise just buy new ones
  10. Whilst upsetting when one you admire passes I have always enjoyed the remembering of them with others (reflection I suppose it's called). The joy I experienced by having known them & participated in life together. Music is a strong device to extract those good memories. "You gotta die of something at sometime... try to make it a good time"
  11. Bloody soft ADF folks we have now... Have family that look forward to field exercises for the grub
  12. Bro do the experiment You are one step closer to answers than I am
  13. @pilotsh I'm on these forums to sit at the foot of those wise, sageful brewers of old. If you buy Ikea furniture for the first time & throw the instructions away...good luck. These forums are what re-writes Ikea instructions IMHO
  14. HOW do you control ferment temp as a first timer??? Really? I have been told why my brew wasn't ideal because of controlling ferment temp. There's a reason why brew folks on this forum have almost IDEAL ferment fridges. DO NOT RELY UPON CAN YEAST FOR A PERFECT BREW. Don't complain your Hyundai doesn't drive like a Audi, until you've driven a Ferrari
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