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  1. Domestic fridges have an auto reset thermal safety called a "clixon" which will activate if you turn off then try to start the compressor immediately. Need to allow pressures to equalise for a few minutes before restarting, hence time delays on most temp controllers.
  2. OK I need a better de-scenting regime. Just test gravitied my stout (8 days in FV) and have a definite ginger aromatic on the palate after tasting the test sample. NOT HAPPY JAN !! Washed the lot after the last bottling which included sterilising & sanitising, left to air for a week then steri/sani B4 putting brew down. There's gotta be something to remove those flavours surely. Lemon juice? How do you guys manage to put something down without your previous 'hop bomb' flavour. Do I need to start saving for stainless & glass FV's? Will leave for a few more days before FG, but seriously ticked off with what I tasted in a supposed STOUT.
  3. Mate I'm a newb also & just stick to the simple stuff to get the process correct. Steeping some hops or grain in boiling water to add to the FV mix is a good confidence builder IMO. Doing a full on grain recipe boil is a little intense for me at this point. My advice...? Play around with different types of pre-packaged fermentables & yeasts to add your own touch. I've just started mixing a couple of different can varieties with extra yeast & fermentables for my "baby steps" to grander things. Just make sure you record what you do for posteritys sake &... 'Go brew for you'
  4. What about previuos brew aromas? I clean everything like Consuela uses lemon pledge, but still have past brew scent in my FV. Wondering if this had anything to do with a couple of brews being sub par to my previous attempts. Oh! and ... No
  5. Pretty sure it requires a second vessel. Kind of understand the move to kegs the old hands recommend
  6. I like the Black Mt recipe Shamus. Their marketing dept did well with the description. There's 25 grams of yeast in that man!! Gee combos within combos to find the perfect beer. When I first got on this forum someone said.."Welcome to the rabbit hole", but methinks 'We ain't in Kansas anymore Alice' Good vid too Norris!
  7. Forgot to OG the stout I just put down but not really fussed with ABV%. Targetting my palate and trying to get a tasty beer others like is my aim ATM. Gotta say I have gone completely off carb drops. Used them in about 30% of my tasteless PA and the not too bad Canuck Blonde & found they gave me pancakes...FLAT AS. I will use up the remainder in my next batches for experimental reasons only, but, not a fan of $10+ /kg for sugar
  8. They didnt taste my last attempt at a pale ale. A mate said he'd rather have a shandy, less my beer in it
  9. Mate thought a phone app may work better for you. Uploadable & printable too. Just a thought
  10. That my dear Shamus is for a stormy lightning struck night with Igor at my side with all manner of brewing paraphenailia scattered about But seriously... Delivery arrived today so I've 500gr choc grain , 1kg stout mix, can of Innkeepers daughter, 20gr 514 ale yeast, some fuggles & cascade the Ruby and no time until the long weekend. So just need to order an Igor (pronounced Eye-ghor)& await a stormy night. Would an extra 500gr light malt do anything for flavour or just help feed the yeast?
  11. Couldn't wait for the delivery so here's what I've done; Coopers Stout can BE3 + 500gr LDM 70grm white sugar Yeast: 7gr Coopers Stout + 7gr Ruby Porter (from the cans) The yeasts looked rather different upon pitching. One was a chunky grain & darkish caramel coloured, the other a finer grain & paler flaxen colour. Your homework is..."If a newb-brewer chucks shit in an FV, what could happen?" Discuss amongst your group. Extra credit for pointing out the bleeding obvious
  12. What are your thoughts on molasses as a fermentable in a stout/porter/black brew?
  13. Well since looking at your Carribean stout link & being led along to the other attached links about stout varieties, I'm thinking I need an amber/dark ale can to add to the mix. I was thinking of soaking 1/2 the grain O/N then boiling up the liquid & steeping 15-20gr of the fuggles. Stir that into the 1kg LHBS stout mix fermentables with the Devils or stout can & add an amber or dark malt can too. Could I mix the 7gr Coopers yeast with a 10gr Maurivin or best not mix yeast varieties?
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