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  1. whoa... this is different... will take some getting used to.. just looks like a standard forum now. where as the old forum looked... kinda special.
  2. just bottled a blonde belgian and a dark belgian, now a dark ale and a milk stout are in the fridge.. slow on the ferment.. think i may have stuffed the yeast hydration.. got interrupted and forgot the yeast on the counter for a few hours.. may have ot repitch tomorrow.. :(
  3. chirstina i was soaking the inside and the outside of about 150 bottles.. that cant be done in a 23l fermentor ;)
  4. REEF version of napisan, 350gm per 1kg. ill have to measure the weight of the cap next time.. im hitting the road tomorrow for another 2 weeks away.
  5. 1 cap per 7L of water with the one Im using is the "Soaking" amounts for clothes. So I just did the same with the bottles..
  6. yeah 60L and 80L tubs.. to big to lift.. ill try and bucket some out into the laundry sink.. got another batch of 750ml glass bottles coming that will need a soak too.. well.. ill be away.. so the misses will have to get into it...
  7. hey guys, Bought Sodium percarbonate for the first time to use as a bottle washer/soaker. my question is.. now Ive got the bottles soaking, ive realised that I dont have a drain in the rear of my garden nor the front! I have a 60L and an 80L full of bottles i was soaking so there is quite a lot of fluids.. so where do you guys pour this out? I have a paved area, Ive heard it can be used to clean moss off the pavers but I dont have moss, it would then run into the lawned area. Does it effect lawns? i really dont want to take it out to pour it in the street and the storm water drains. but i guess i could try and pour it into my laundry drains ?
  8. I just used the last of my citra, Centenial and amarillo probably all bought a year or more ago. With no issues so far with off flavours. But I vacuum seal them and freeze store them.
  9. a Double Brew day, #1 Coopers pale ale with 250gram of steeped medium crystal and 25gm citra@10 and 25gram amarillo@5, Kit yeast #2 Belgian dark,Coopers Pale ale can, 300grams steeped caramunich, 500ml Belgian Amber candy syrup, 1 can of Light LME, 500gram Dark DME and 300gram Light DME T58 yeast
  10. hey Jimmy.. your name seems familiar...:P i prefer to use the Hydrometer samples as taste testings.. to see how its going../ but dont worry bout checking it too much untill 4-5 days in, then look for a stable FG.
  11. if using a super auto bench capper you should have no worries if you set the height up right. I smashed a bottle once when trying to use one of those 2 handed cappers.. and def not the old hammer style capper! def a no no in my mind.. I have a few mates that drink longies.. they supply me.. and i supply them a few extras which might need drinking in return.. ;)
  12. Havent used the T58 before to my knowledge. ive done a belgian before but lighter style.. cant remember what i used.. i did a belgian blonde a while back.. but thats a different story :P
  13. South of Adelaide based mate, Ben, i was thinking a can of LME as well should bring it up to respectable figures.. a Kit an 2 kilos.. hahahha
  14. Aiming for a nice thick strong sweet dark strong belgian ale/belgian specialty ale. KnK looking at 8% if possible Ingredients, in house currently, Coopers Pale cans Coopers Dark ale can, Thomas Coopers Family secret Amber ale, 1kg each Light Malt extract Amber Malt Extract Dark Malt extract 2 kg BE 3 1kg Dex 500gram Amber Belgian Candy syrup Medium Crystal grains, Choc Grains Roast Grains T58 Belgian yeast. variety of hops Looking at using the T58 yeast TC FS Amber can, Dark Malt Amber Belgian Candy syrup needs a bit of extra stuff to bring it up to the figures.. Any other Suggestions?? got a Brew shop not far for some top ups on ingredients if needed. cheers
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