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  1. It has been bottled for almost two weeks and in the fridge chillig for three days. Im getting the feeling that I rushed the process. No different than a kid on XMAS. Will it carbonate in the fridge or only at a cool room temp. Next batch I will be taking my time. Thanks fro the help..Bobby
  2. Hey everyone, I am looking to brew my first IPA and noticed on this site in the how to brew section two different IPA's. It seemed that one would be mch stronger which is fine, that is how I prefer my brew to be. My days of marathon drinking are over, just like them dark and strong now. Amazing what changes after having kids..lol. Should a can of malt extract be added or not. That does seem to stray from the instructions. What result would that give me in the finished product. Also what is the difference between using the sugar and dexrtrose which is recommended. Thanks Bobby
  3. Hey my fellow beer fans, Just like many others I received the TC diy beer kit for XMAS. I finally had my first lager the other night. It was pretty good except it was not carbonated enough for a lager. If it was a stout it would have been perfect. Dont get me wrong, the lack of bubbles did not hold me back from puttin down a few. Havent had a beer that wasnt worth drinking. I would really apprieciate some feed back. I followed the included instructions to a "T". Not sure what happened.. I am looking to brew an IPA next, which is my brew of choice. Any pointers on that would be great also. Bobby
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