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  1. Racked to secondary tonight after roughly ten days. Final gravity 1.021, around 10.7%.
  2. Sure did, I fermented a small (OG 1.042) brown ale and reclaimed two cups of slurry from the yeast cake. [edit] SG 1.023 tonight
  3. Hey hey, My barleywine fermentation is almost done, so far it has gone from 1.100 to 1.026 in five days. That's more or less bang-on 10% ABV. I did end up doing a second pitching, kieran, yesterday when the wort was at 1.040. I have my doubts over whether it needed it though.
  4. It's going into a robust porter here this week :)
  5. Just like if you were using a prophylactic.
  6. I'm going to be testing the yeast's limits sometime in the next month or so, will brew a barleywine up to around 10% or so. I'm looking forward to see how it fares.
  7. I bought a pack of Avery labels from Officeworks well over a year ago, 33 labels to a sheet. MS Word has built in templates for most Avery labels and, for the ones that don't, new dimensions are easy to add. I just print the beer name, date of bottling and alcohol content on each label, new labels go right over old ones and after five or so the glue on the first one fails and they all peel off.
  8. You're welcome! Merry Christmas!
  9. Kai

    A dud?

    What temperature have your bottles been stored at? By the sounds of it I'd wait another couple weeks before worrying.
  10. You ought to receive any judging feedback forms by mail after the competition.
  11. It sure is, what a wonderful beverage. Even if you're just curious to see how you'd do, I'd encourage you to get your beer in now if you can. I find the feedback from a comp to be really valuable even if the beer is not strictly to style, and I reckon yours wouldn't be very far out of style, if at all.
  12. Kit brews don't necessarily meet guidelines well, but you're right that an all-grain brew is not necessarily going to adhere to style properly. I try to check the guidelines carefully before entering any of my beers. Unless you've reallly gone overboard on the citrus, I do not imagine it would be out of style. The ANAWBS guidelines list hop flavour as moderate to high and bitterness from 30-45+ IBU. It's a lenient style when it comes to hopping, and unless you've really overdone it I don't think you'd be penalised. I also don't think there's a straight kit beer that can come close to a modified or all grain APA. It's a style that I imagine really benefits from some nice fresh hopping when it comes to the judging.
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