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  2. Hmm, good riddance Bud. I choose to drink Coopers because I love the taste. If Aussies choose to drink hops flavoured soft drink like Bud, claiming it to be beer, then all I can do is shake my head and weep for the future..... Oh, and sayonara Lion Nathan....... Does that mean Coopers will be re-approached some time soon by Kirin who have a "yen" for another brand notched on it's bedhead???
  3. Well sir, apparently, Facebook is a social networking website that....purportedly, according to it's own spiel is: "Giving people the power to share and make the world more open and connected." Though seriously, it's well worth joining just to visit the Coopers page, as well as those other Coopers orientated unofficial pages, as an add-on to the Coopers own website and Forum. That's my tuppence worth..... Signed Leepy aka Philby
  4. Oh Matt :shock: Please tell me that you'd been having a delusional moment whilst watching (re-enacting) Val Kilmer as Jim Morrison in The Doors bio-mentary!! People tell me that VB is actually beer, which I steadfastly maintain it is not - that said, Bud(weiser) and it's stablemate, Bud Light, which I've had the displeasure to try, I have to put alongside VB...... The day average Joe Americans are weaned off Bud and manage to lift a Coopers bottle to their lips instead, will be the day they actually imbibe a real beer..... Here's to the future :D
  5. And people NOT in The Coopers Club ask me WHY I'm in The Coopers Club. Need I say more? Well yeah OK - because it's a top club to be a member of, not just because of that, but all the other stuff I learn through the Forum, Newsletter, etc. meeting new friends on club nights and so on........
  6. I'm not sure if this would fall into the :) "good" news or :cry: "bad" news category, but there's no more choice to be made - the GF is gone - but I've still got a bar fridge full of the Green & Red........ P.S. - Intelligent single makes seeks like minded female who isn't so darn fussy!!!
  7. Dear Coopers Club Members (and Forum Staff), I have a dilemma similar to the old Devo song "Freedom Of Choice", the one about the dog who had two bones, he picked at one, he licked the other, he went in circles and he dropped dead..... Problem is, I enjoy a couple of Coopers on a Friday after work (some other days as well, but that's not important right now) and get together with my girlfriend (some other days as well, but again, that's not important right now) - she's a damn fine lass, with at least one flaw. (Don't worry I have my own flaws aplenty). Situation is, she doesn't like kissing me after a beer, because - wait for it - she doesn't like beer breath!!! Oh, she doesn't drink beer, but I'm not holding that against her. I want both, the Coopers and the girlfriend, but don't want to have to make a choice - CAN ANYONE OFFER SOME ASSISTANCE - PLEASE !!
  8. G'day,ok pretty straight forward question. Is Australia still owned by Australians? Last thing i read was the ideas for ownership were taking place in Washington DC....! Sorry, couldn't resist. Cheers.
  9. Oh come on, that's such a cynical view of yours!!!!! Suggesting that the Coles New World order were reducing the Coopers line to make way for quick buck turnaround easter confectionaries. Seriously. Besides, come mid April that will all be forgotten as the chocs make way for Xmas goodies.... :twisted:
  10. Finally - all sauced up and saucy !!!! Thanks Thirsty Matt - I finally got my sauce(s) from Glowmeat, the butcher you mentioned - got good prices on the meat too, just quietly - and bought two bottles, just in case........ Used it for an Australia Day BBQ on lamb - and you know what - it IS better than most BBQ sauces, with that extra Pale Ale flavour the others simply could never compete with. Now I know where to get it, let's hope they'll still stock it when I run out - at $4.00 a bottle, it was reasonably priced too. Cheers to you again.
  11. I'm hoping this doesn't sound too toffy nosed, but as I also like to drink beer with meals - Sparkling to me goes well with seafoods and/or spicy dishes, whilst the Pale Ale goes well with anything or quite simply goes well with another stubby of Pale Ale. That said, is there any style of dish that may be considered more suited to the strong flavour of the ESVA?? I like to match my beer with my food - one day all those wine drinkers will realise that beer is a very viable alternative.
  12. You mean people actually - WILLINGLY - drink the stuff??
  13. Philby


    Philby remains tight-lipped on the footy subject.... OK, technically, I lived in north of the Berrimah line for about 4 of those years, with the balance being in Humpty Doo - that should at least give me back some credibility. Personally, I think that Coopers People should provide us each with a carton of their finest, for showing that two people can debate their differences amicably when there is one very common interest - the Coopers beer. Football indeed - drop the ball, pick it up, drop it again, punch the ball?? what's with THAT!! :wink:
  14. Philby


    Ah Ross, Ross, Ross - cheers and a lovely Pale Ale coming your way - we can only hope - I'm glad we can all have a laugh over a virtual schooner of our finest, especially at this time of year. I was a C+ geography student, but that aside, 3\xbd years ago I was a blow in resident of Darwin for nearly 13 years, having also visited the Red Centre as part of my work many times ;-) But don't get me started on "football" - there is but one ovoid ball game that counts and it's Rugby League !! BTW, my comment referred to a spoof song about Smokie's very old song........ Cheers to All !!!
  15. Philby


    ........and for 27 years I've been living next door to Alice. Alice...where the F* is Alice.......? J/K
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