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  1. Thanks Coopers, i was lucky enough to receive one of these passes. Easily the best movie i have seen this year.
  2. Kit\t\t\t\tColour\tIBU Lager\t\t\t\t2.5\t21 Draught\t\t\t3.6\t23 Real Ale\t\t\t6.4\t30 Bitter\t\t\t\t11.6\t34 Dark Ale\t\t\t15.2\t32 Stout\t\t\t\t49.7\t39 Canadian Blonde\t\t1.9\t23 Baviarian Lager\t\t\t2.5\t21 Mexican Cerveza\t\t1.5\t16 Australian Pale Ale\t\t2.5\t18 Colour is in SRM Note this assumes a volume of 23L
  3. Lots of info out there - most of it at least second hand. Any chance you could clear this one up for me Paul? Which, if any, of the coopers kits contains a true lager yeast? Rumour has it the Bavarian Lager and Pilsner contain Saflager S-23 yeasts? Cheers DrSmurto
  4. Tis a pity noone from Coopers has responded :( I would love to replace the Westend and Fosters light ice taps on my font with the a red or green coopers logo. Mores the pity.
  5. Scored myself a case each of the 1999 and 2000 vintage for the same price as this years batch. Mates are disgusted that i opened the 99 and drank a bottle rather than flogging it off on ebay for 100s. Its has changed dramatically as reported by Coopers recently ina press release. Very port like with mild oxidation. Its still a big beer but not the malty beast it started off as. As for the Saaz in the current batch, i couldnt find any.
  6. Bottle or tap. If tap then check out the Pony on little collins st, next to one of those shocking irish pubs. It has pale and sparkling on tap.
  7. G'day Luke I do a half boil ie. i have about 12L of boiling wort which i dilute to 21-23L depending on recipe and tip that into the fermenter. I draw of about 1L of wort and crash cool it to make the starter. If you put a lid on the fermenter, or even better, a layer of gladwrap, you shouldnt have any infections issues providing your sanitation process is up to scratch. This way you have a nice big supply of healthy yeast to pitch into the wort - helps with attenuation, especially if you are using large amounts of malt. Not so important with dextrose but since i dont use dex except for priming i dont really care :D If i was using/re-culturing yeast from a CPA bottle i would start that 3-4 days before brew day and use dried malt extract to make up a 'wort' - usually around 100g per L. Cheers DrSmurto
  8. And post back here if you could please. My brewing fridge is in desperate need of a sanding and a coat of paint. Was thinking of a footy team but 'coopers racing green' would suit it perfectly!
  9. Have this font sitting around surplus to requirements. Its been in the box (2nd hand) since i bought it - never got around to installing it..... Sorry Coopers, its not your taps - havent seen them for sale? Can easily be replaced if you have others. Swing style taps. Looking for about $170 (plus postage). Will deliver it in Adelaide (within reason) for free. Cheers and beers (on tap) DrSmurto Email me - drsmurto@hotmail.com if you are interested. Open to all reasonable offers.
  10. Use 2 kits, ie the now infamous two-can method and add an additional tin of coopers liquid malt extract. For 23 L you would end up around 7.5%. You would need to make a yeast starter to be able to fully ferment this out. I cheat when making starters by drawing off 1-1.5L of wort and pouring that into a 2L coke bottle, adding the yeast, shake the hell out of it for a few hours to introduce oxygen and increase the amount of yeast. By the next day th yeast is fermenting away like crazy, pitch the entire contents into the fermenter and bobs your uncle. The bitterness of 2 kits combined with the large amount of malt would mean you would need to leave this in the bottle for a few months as Paul mentioned - you would probably want to add finishing hops as well. Cheers DrSmurto
  11. Quick question for the Coopers forum mods - am i allowed to advertise a 2nd hand item for sale that is beer related and would not break any alcohol regulation rules? Thought i had better ask since there isnt anywhere obvious on this forum to post it.... Cheers DrSmurto
  12. Excited maybe, but these are available in Oz and have been for a while. Link
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