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  1. So I ended up opting for 100g of cascade....will see how we go, first FG test today.
  2. Thanks mate, I have been out of the game for so long, I've forgotten most of what I knew, particularly about hop characteristics. I think I used Motueka once in a hop slam that was pretty good. I see there's a few new hops around too, so will need to do more research. Hope to get the brew going today and can grab some hops in the next few days for a dry hop.
  3. Thanks mate, was thinking I might make it a bit more IPAish and possibly look at Motueka or something along those lines, I've forgotten so many of them!
  4. Actually, I just found an can of Brew A IPA extract, I might replace the APA with that and bitter it up more.
  5. Hey Guys, I am just about to start brewing again, have been out of the game for a few years with moving and life etc. I am going to start nice and easy and do a toucan with the Coopers real ale and Australian pale ale cans with 1kg of light dry malt, using the 2 kit yeasts. I am looking for some suggestions on which hops to use to do a dry hop that would suit this recipe, or if you have any suggestions for the recipe itself. I don't have any grain to steep at the moment unfortunately. Thanks!
  6. If you could supply that one as well, that would be awesome. Thanks Lusty!
  7. Yep I remember that, I was involved in that thread, that was ages ago. It may even have been a thread I created....I think we got the clone from a guy on AHB that was in contact with SN.
  8. Thanks guys, I can fairly easily construct a brew out of the numbers. I might post back here when I've got something that looks right and see what you think.
  9. Hmm, I don't think it's worth a cold crash, cider yeast generally ends up pretty clean and clear in my experience, then again, I don't think it would cause any harm.
  10. Hi Guys, Has anyone on here got a SN Torpedo clone recipe? There are a few around, but I wanted to get one that's tried and tested. I LOVE SN Torpedo, it's my go to. EDIT: I should also mention that I am on extract brewing so speciality grains / steeping and extract recipe would be good. But I could also convert an AG if you have one! Thanks! Adam
  11. Oh bugger! Boys, I will try to find my recipe. It was amazing, spicy, smooth, so good. It started with a cheap can of the Coopers Ginger Beer (i think) but then there was a steep with lots of stuff like fresh ginger, from memory it had a combination of demerara sugar and...maybe brown? whatever it was it produced a nice caramel tone which smoothed out the spiciness. As I mentioned before I haven't brewed for ages, so I hope I can find it.
  12. Make sure you use a champagne yeast as well and not the kit yeast, as this will help to produce a dry cider
  13. I add mine into the FV at the time of fermentation, i.e replacing that volume of water. As I mentioned a bit earlier, I prefer a dry cider to a sweet one, and you're correct, it does make a dryer cider, but the taste is certainly enhanced. You could certainly add to the batch after fermentation is complete, it would indeed sweeten it up, but I expect it would also drop the ABV by diluting it. Either way, this is making me thirsty!
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