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  1. I don’t bother planning. I still want to work for the same company but just a cushy overpaid office job
  2. I used to have the Valpar Super Flexmaster and it was pretty good but I changed all my lines and tried the KegLand line and for the price I’m pretty happy with it
  3. My roster is a disgrace. I don’t even know my shifts for next week and when I do know I never start the same time two days in a row. I want to be able to know exactly what I am doing every day. It’s just time to move on!!
  4. Yeah I think so. I have done rotating shift work since I was 21 and I would like to be home every weekend and every night
  5. Having a few different beers while cheering for Manly to lose while typing up a resume
  6. Were you drinking when you took the readings
  7. Your photos are sensational. Whenever I have a first pour from a keg are you able to swing by and take a photo of my beers please. Thanks
  8. Where is the end of that thermometer.
  9. Kegging is awesome and easy to do. I’m just an idiot and didn’t think about the line length for the spirit mixer. It’s a really easy fix.........Just get longer line
  10. When I set my new system up I made my lines all the same length but I needed my spirit mixer lines much longer because they needed to be carbed much higher so at the moment I have it set higher than beer but not as high as it needs to be so I’m pouring bubbles at the moment. Dammit
  11. You’re a slow drinker ha ha
  12. I used it as a FWH recently. It was a pale ale with only El Dorado hops added and I wasn’t a fan of the hop at all
  13. Is that similar to the TV that I found that fell off the back of a truck??
  14. Try the recipe page to find one that you will like. Don’t forget to clean and sanitise all your equipment. Doing that and pitching enough yeast and having temperature control will make a great lager. Good luck
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