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  1. Beer Baron

    What's in Your Fermenter? 2018

  2. Beer Baron

    Schwarzbier Recipe

    Yeah that’s what interested me, the dark colour but clean and crisp. My recipe should actually say Carafa Special 2
  3. Beer Baron

    Schwarzbier Recipe

    After brewing pale ales and IPAs all the time I decided to do something different. I currently have a Bohemian Pilsner in a keg legering away and I have a simple pale ale in the fermenter as a keg filler. As soon as that hits FG I’ll keg and immediately brew a schwarzbier. After reading about the style it interested me. Due to a reasonable tax return I ordered a couple of batches in advance to save on shipping for once. Hopefully my milled grain for this batch will be ok. It will be about 4 weeks old by the time I brew with it. Schwarzbier Batch - 13L OG - 1.052 FG - 1.012 ABV - 5.3% IBU - 31 EBC - 50 90 minute boil 2.35kgs (70.4%) Pilsner Malt 0.63kgs (18.9%) Munich Malt 0.16kgs (4.8%) Carafa Special 0.12kgs (3.6%) Caramunich 3 0.08kgs (2.4%) Chocolate Malt 30gms Saaz @ 60 minutes 20gms Saaz @ 20 minutes Wyeast 2124 - Bohemian Lager Although I can’t change the recipe now I am interested to hear opinions on the style and the recipe. Thanks, Beer Baron
  4. Beer Baron

    Magnetic Stir Plate

    I’ll have a go tomorrow. Thanks
  5. Beer Baron

    Magnetic Stir Plate

    What size stir bar does everyone else use?? Thanks
  6. Beer Baron

    What's in Your Fermenter? 2018

    I have a simple pale ale in my fermenter. Pale Malt - 80% Quick Oats - 15% Caramunich 1 - 5% Single hop of Mosaic only as various times to bitter to 28 IBUs Wyeast American Ale Yeast It should come in at about 5% and will be easy to throw down once spring starts. Crystal clear going into the fermenter despite forgetting kettle finings
  7. Beer Baron

    Magnetic Stir Plate

    My stir bar is 3cms
  8. Beer Baron

    Magnetic Stir Plate

    This is the response I got back. The stir bar that comes with the machine is quite small and you might find that for larger batches you might want to use a large stir bar if you wanted to get more agitation especially for the large 3000L flasks. With that said but the looks of the photo you have got a perfect level of agitation. You dont need to make a huge vortex like we see many people do. All you need to do is to agitate the product. BB
  9. Beer Baron

    Carlton Dry Hard Lager

    I remember when I tried my first 150 lashes. It was the best and most tasty beer ever. Now when I get the odd one at a mates or the pub it tastes bland and watery
  10. Beer Baron

    This arrived Friday

    Keep us updated with the build!!
  11. Beer Baron

    Magnetic Stir Plate

    I have sent an email and am eagerly waiting for a reply. Meanwhile at home the starter is hopefully still spinning
  12. Beer Baron

    Magnetic Stir Plate

    I got all of my equipment from Kegland too. I’ll email them today and see what they say.
  13. Beer Baron

    Magnetic Stir Plate

    So this yeast starter process is really pi$&ing me off. The attached video shows the maximum speed and I think it’s a bit slow. When I finally got the bloody stir bar the stick on the magnet I ramped the speed up ridiculously slow and it kept flicking the bar off. I finally had it going and recorded the video and as I am writing this message the bar got flicked off at that speed. What am I doing wrong?? 506B21F2-F774-4DE8-9BEF-C5569C1A1D7A.MOV
  14. Beer Baron

    BrewBQ (or Brew n Q) - for you Kelsey

    Sounds good Captain. Where I live there is a fairly large bogan presence. All they do is get together and drink crap beer.......................... Making some dried sausage is definitely on my to do list which reminds me I have to get that book mentioned earlier in the thread.. BB
  15. Beer Baron

    My biggest haul of leftover hops yet!

    I never have any spare hops. I order mine by the gram and only order what I use for each brew day