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  1. Here is the hole this morning. There is about 6 inches of water in there and we haven’t had rain in over 24 hours
  2. I ripped out an old dead plant today and dug out everything around the roots. Down deep there was plenty of clay and sandstone type rocks and it was very wet. I have had about 20mm of rain in the last 3 days though.
  3. So yesterday I just plugged my fermenting fridge into the power point just to chill it down a bit while I was brewing. I brewed and set my Inkbird to 18 and walked away. Today I went to check on my brew and it was 8 degrees because I forgot to plug my fridge into the controller. I have now fixed everything but it will take the rest of the day to warm back up again. Will this impact my beer at all??
  4. I couldn’t find the circle size that I wanted to fit properly
  5. I am way too young to have an old mullet photo and I’m not a bogan to have one now
  6. Cleaning and sanitising is and always will be important in beer brewing. Try your local home brew store or eBay or KegLand. Good luck!!
  7. My Pandemic Pale Ale!! It has only been on the gas for 48 but the flavour is very nice. It has a bit more bitterness compared to my last few pales which is great. I dry hopped with 50 grams of hops but the aroma is lacking quite a bit. It will definitely clear a bit more after a weeks or so but overall I’m not disappointed. BB1
  8. You should order in bulk not just 1 brew at a time
  9. Yeah it’s a half batch just to fill one of my 9.5L kegs. It was a great brew day but I’m really not happy with the colour. It’s dark brown...
  10. Another one dying........F(&k me!!!
  11. Next up will be my Black IPA which I will brew on Friday. On the weekend I’ll order ingredients for my house IPA and brew that as soon as my Black IPA is kegged. The plan is to fill all kegs in my keezer. I have never had all of my taps occupied.
  12. I used sodium percarbonate as a cleaner and Starsan as a sanitiser. I buy in bulk and it lasts me 2+ years
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