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  1. The collar is almost complete. I’ll give a light sand and then do the final coat tomorrow before attaching it on Wednesday
  2. I never got around to making this beer but it’s still on my list......
  3. I loosely follow the guidelines ha ha
  4. Whenever I do a lager I always do it the ‘proper’ lager way. I’ll boil the rice about 1 hour before mash in so it stays warm and doesn’t drop the mash temp too much. Here’s some info on Sorachi Ace hops. This Japanese hop was created from a mix of Brewer’s Gold, a Saazer parent, and Beiki male by Sapporo Brewers. Released in 1984, this hop is a cornerstone of the world famous Sapporo Lager. With an alpha acid range of about 10% to 16%, this high alpha is predominantly used for its sharp bittering agent. Sorachi Ace also adds a uniquely fresh aroma of lemon, citrus, dill and cilantro to everything from IPAs and Pale Ales to Lagers. Sorachi Ace pellet or whole hops compliment Citra and Simcoe, and could be substituted with those varietals. If you’re looking for a taste of Sorachi Ace, just head to your nearest sushi bar and grab a bottle of Sapporo!
  5. Here is my recipe for a hoppy rice lager. I am going to use boiled rice instead of flaked rice but boiled rice isn’t in Brewfather. Would 1 kilo of boiled rice give the same return as 1 kilo of flaked rice?? I think I should also add some rice hulls to the mash. I might also change the hop schedule around and move more hops towards the start of the boil Any tips would be much appreciated!! Cheers, Beer Baron
  6. Kyrgios is a deadset w@nker. I was hoping he would lose
  7. The top 2 are massively overrated beers in my opinion
  8. I tossed the pine away in anger. I’ll just line the inside of the hardwood with that foil board and that should be good enough.
  9. I finally got some hardwood today and I went to cut it and my saw blade is blunt so I’ll continue tomorrow.
  10. Thanks Greeny. I was going to use 1kg of flaked rice so would I just use 1kg of dried rice to cook and would the numbers be the same. Thanks
  11. Next brew on my next days off will be a rice lager. I’m still not sure if I’ll use flaked rice or boil up my own rice and use that. Does anyone have any experiences in using both and can offer tips and or opinions. Cheers, BB
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