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  1. Beer Baron

    Beer in gas line

    I think you should get a bottle sent your way and provide extensive tasting notes on the awesomeness of magnum hops!!
  2. Beer Baron

    Magnetic Stir Plate

    Interesting read!! Thanks Hairy
  3. Beer Baron

    Magnetic Stir Plate

    I’ve got a starter on my stir plate (I’m still convinced that thing isn’t spinning properly) and I was wondering should the starter be at the same temperature as my future brew. I will be brewing a Vienna Lager on Friday and be fermenting at 10 degrees using Wyeast 2206, Bavarian Lager Yeast. Thanks
  4. Beer Baron

    Beer in gas line

    I’ve never done it. I have a spare gas line just so I can set to serving pressure and forget
  5. Beer Baron

    The Fat Controller- choc oat stout

    Well I’m not a huge fan of stouts but I actually really liked it
  6. Beer Baron

    Plaato Valve

    https://www.plaato.io/product-page/plaato-valve This looks interesting!! Using this when cold crashing prevents suck back (allegedly) There is free worldwide shipping at the moment so I grabbed a couple to test out. They’re reasonably cheap so I’ll give them a go and report back!!
  7. Beer Baron

    Viking beer? Reckon it'd be any good?

    Brew while wearing a singlet, stubbie shorts and thongs!!
  8. Beer Baron

    Kit n Kilo - when to use 1.5kg of malt

    It didn’t take me long to jump in the deep end but it was a great decision for me!!
  9. Beer Baron

    The Fat Controller- choc oat stout

    Looks good GROGDOG!! I still have 2 bottles of my choc/vanilla oatmeal stout from early this year. I thought I’d age them a bit to see how they change. I really should’ve brewed my stout for winter next year but I’m lazy..
  10. Beer Baron

    What are you listening to right now????

    I’m listening to Fit For a King. Very good band and the clip for Oblivion is heart moving
  11. Beer Baron

    It's Kegging Time!

    I kegged my crappy LHBS FWK yesterday. It ended up at 1.006 which makes it 4.2%. The small sample I had tastes thin with no body and a bit watery.
  12. Beer Baron

    Moving day

    Good luck with the move!! I’m glad you to see you and the dog have your priorities right ha ha ha
  13. Beer Baron

    Vienna Lager

    I ordered my ingredients for this brew. I went with 100% Vienna malt and I haven’t used Hallertauer Mittelfrueh hops so I thought I was give those a crack. I totally forgot that the kids start school holidays this week so I’ll be brewing with them running around the yard. BB
  14. Beer Baron

    The Fat Controller- choc oat stout

    I use quick oats and just add them into the mash with the rest of my grain. I think you can do that with the quick kind. Somone else will get into the technical side of why. I suck at being technical!! BB
  15. ’Whisk’ of getting bad efficiency!!