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  1. You can get mates rates on your favourite lager ingredients
  2. Judging by your spelling I’d say you’re drunk
  3. Adelaide only has one football team and that is Adelaide United. Third after 7 games is a great effort.
  4. 12 days straight done then I have today off then 6 more on so I thought I would empty my water tank on my dead grass today while I have a pale ale
  5. What a great business plan. Make a brewery from nothing and sell it for millions. I hate these companies selling to the big guys but I don’t blame them.
  6. I’ve changed my mind. I’m getting the good one straight up. I’ve always purchased quality gear straight up so I don’t want change now
  7. You buy it first and report back
  8. I might do the same. I’ll just get the 2 roller
  9. I’m in the same boat. I was going to buy a Mill Master which will be about $400 posted. That’s a heap of money so I was considering a 2 roller KegLand mill because I only brew every 6 weeks.
  10. Don’t remind me about last year. The pain will never go away. Hopefully they can make up for it this season. Christmas is always an important time and I think we will need to win 5 from 7 in December this year after we won all 6 last year. Im not a fan of Bamford at all. He looks lazy and his scoring record is crap
  11. FIL just brines and smokes. Best hams I have ever had by a country mile
  12. Oh I thought this thread was a joke. I didn’t think ‘good’ and ‘Adelaide’ would belong in the same sentence
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