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  1. Yours is way cooler than mine. I still can’t decide on a name and you have a cool phrase at the bottom!!!
  2. Do you have any commercial easy to find recommendations Captain??
  3. I still haven’t tried a rye beer. I might have to try one from Dans or First Choice
  4. I have a dedicated tap for a spirit mix now but when I set it up I just set it up the same as my beer setup not thinking about it. It pours all foam but isn’t carbed up enough so what pressure should the beer be poured at and what line length do you think I need. I currently run 3.5m lengths at approximately 12psi. Thanks
  5. Did you ever brew a cream ale @The Captain!!
  6. It’s a sad sad day when a Kiwi in a Ford wins Bathurst.............
  7. Not even close to that
  8. I use a stainless steel whirlpool paddle attached to a drill. I do it for about 2 minutes and then pitch the yeast. I haven’t had any issues so I’ll continue this method
  9. I agree!! How can you play for 5 days and no one wins??
  10. I never follow my to do list............. Due to low stock levels a simple pale is next up. I have never used chinook so I’ll try that and I thought I would try 10% Vienna malt just to see what that brings. Brew day is my next day off which is 9 days away. Beer Baron
  11. The A-League kicks off tonight and I am extremely excited just like a kid on Christmas morning!!!
  12. I went out to the pub and then a mates house and had a few commercial beers a couple of weeks ago. I woke up extremely hungover and don’t remember getting home and missing the toilet and throwing up all over the wall. When I woke I thought I was dying. I can drink home brew all night and the next day feel slightly dodgy but some outside air usually makes me feel back to normal in an hour or two. EVERYTHING makes me fart and the only gastro type issue that I have is usually from a rich lamb or beef meal slow cooked with the beers ha ha ha
  13. I just kegged my Bohemian Pilsner. I’ll try and lager it with the plan being to sit down on the first day of summer and have a few (if I have the day off)
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