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  1. My Pandemic Pale Ale!! It has only been on the gas for 48 but the flavour is very nice. It has a bit more bitterness compared to my last few pales which is great. I dry hopped with 50 grams of hops but the aroma is lacking quite a bit. It will definitely clear a bit more after a weeks or so but overall I’m not disappointed. BB1
  2. You should order in bulk not just 1 brew at a time
  3. Yeah it’s a half batch just to fill one of my 9.5L kegs. It was a great brew day but I’m really not happy with the colour. It’s dark brown...
  4. Another one dying........F(&k me!!!
  5. Next up will be my Black IPA which I will brew on Friday. On the weekend I’ll order ingredients for my house IPA and brew that as soon as my Black IPA is kegged. The plan is to fill all kegs in my keezer. I have never had all of my taps occupied.
  6. I used sodium percarbonate as a cleaner and Starsan as a sanitiser. I buy in bulk and it lasts me 2+ years
  7. I kegged my pale ale today and the smell was fantastic. I kegged it early because my fermentation fridge won’t drop below 8 degrees anymore and I can’t buy a new chest freezer because of all the panic buying idiots. I’ll brew my black IPA on Friday because I managed to swap and get the day off.
  8. I played around today and hugely improved my beer tap displays. I’m pretty happy with what I have done
  9. I think you should do a Brülosophy style exbeeriment and do a side by side and report back on the different methods
  10. When I get my grain mill and order in bulk I’m not sure where to store it. I don’t think the house will be an option. I’m getting a new shed soon and was going to put it in there but it will definitely get hot in summer so the garage might be the other option although it’s still gets very warm in there
  11. Does high shed temperatures impact the grain in any way
  12. I dry hopped my pale ale today. I popped open the fermenter and it is the best smelling beer I have ever had mid fermentation. I also remembered that once again I didn’t add my Brew Bright in the boil. $hit ha ha
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