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  1. Beer Baron

    What's in your fermenter? 2019

    Very nice looking sample. How was the taste??
  2. Beer Baron

    Amatuer brewing advice

    Looks good to me
  3. Beer Baron

    Rolled Oats

    I use oats in my beers regularly and just add them in the mash and always hit gravity targets
  4. Beer Baron

    Home brew (1978)

    I wasn’t even around 40 years ago....
  5. Beer Baron

    What makes you try something different?

    I love a good rogering too..............Damn you autocorrect......
  6. Beer Baron

    Coopers Community Oracle? Otto Von Blotto

    Never heard of him................Just kidding, he is a legend but as a whole this forum is easily the most knowledgeable and friendly I have ever been on. Everyone is very friendly and rarely is there any bad things said!!
  7. Beer Baron

    Air in Beer Line

    Yeah the gas is always turned on.
  8. Beer Baron


    Sorry to hear that Captain. I think you have just made up my mind
  9. Beer Baron

    Air in Beer Line

    I serve at 75kpa/11psi and line lengths are 3.5m. I don’t have any check valves or return valves
  10. Beer Baron


    Are you going to shoot all of the bottles
  11. Beer Baron

    What makes you try something different?

    I’m boring and look for the cool looking can but I rarely buy beer from there. I find there are a heap of good beers but not sensational beers and the price is RIDICULOUS
  12. Beer Baron


    My felixibility is awful and I have never even broken a bone or had any type of injury. The Central Coast of NSW isn’t known for shark attacks so I should just man up!! My young bloke is almost 13 so maybe we can go for lessons together soon enough. Beer Baron
  13. Beer Baron


    Yeahhhhhhhhhhh. You’re the best Hairy!!!
  14. Beer Baron


    Wow. I hope you’re ok and have recovered well. I really want to try surfing but I’m an average swimmer and the whole shark thing is always in my head although I have never heard of a shark attack near my local beach which is only 10 minutes away
  15. Beer Baron

    Air in Beer Line

    About one tenth is gas