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  1. Doc

    Back Button??

    I miss the back button too it was so much easier
  2. Doc

    How to get

    Bazza I too have been looking long & hard for Coopers ads & promo gear so far my fridge has a pale ale & a dark ale tap top on each tap. living in n.s.w. I have plenty of toohey's & c.u.b. stickers (I cut the logo's from the sides of the cardboard 6 pack packaging (to show Coopers loyalty) and stuck them to my fridge) Could we please have some Coopers stickers in our membership pack or buy stickers (for club members only) that way we could proudly display our loyalty to our favorite brew disclaimer: My pub only has Coopers pale & dark ale on tap Coopers stout bottled. Some other packaged beer may be seen on the premises from time to time
  3. That is why I have wired my heat pad with a waterbed thermostat Temp gets too high (daytime) the power switches off Temp drops (overnight) the power comes on 8)
  4. batch 1 don't give up just yet my brother & i brewed for a few years what was an "aquired taste" beer (rocket fuel) years later started brewing again for economic reasons still not for taste but drinkable 3rd brewing stint "economic reasons again" not happy but dinkable again main mistake i think in those days i was a vb drinker so i brewed bitter (thinking vic bitter = bitter h.b) when i found years later coopers draught would have been a better choice finally a mate came around with a crate of long necks & said try some of my brews I said whats the black & he said coopers dark ale the rest is history now i only brew coopers dark ale & pale ale for kegging & brew stout for bottles try different styles till you find one that is similar to what you want i found coopers canadian blonde with 500g light malt is similar to carlton cold when you find a style you like or is similar to what you drink then you can use malt or other additives to make your brew your own style
  5. sugar usually gives you the cider "home brew " taste that people say "i don't like home brew" taste. dextrose is better than plain sugar for taste alone, brew enhancers are better, but experiment with them to give your brew the taste you like
  6. Doc

    Coopers Pubs

    the bull n bush at baulkham hills has pale on tap top pub too
  7. Q just follow the directions (be2) all will be fine my brother in law was over last night (BIG GIRL megaswill drinker) I bought a stubbie of pale for a taste test. tapped the keg pulled a pint & 1/2 at 40 psi to drag the sediment off the bottom, then pulled 2 schooners (15oz) and poured the stubbie into a 15oz glass his first reaction was the cloudiness i then showed him the stubbie glass (darker! upended the stubbie to create the cloudiness) his response was best brew of mine & said it was the same as the taste of the stubbie (but him being a hahn light drinker) anyway love it Coopers thanks my pub is now a Coopers only on tap
  8. Doc

    wheat beer

    G'day Philthy the water heater was good inside but the brewery was cramped. I too used a timer till a waterbed thermostat fell into my hands now its auto brewing the place I'm in now has the same problem outside water heater 6' high zero night time temps
  9. Doc

    wheat beer

    Heat wise I now use a heat pad with a waterbed thermostat so when the temp drops overnight the heat pad turns on and when the day warms up it gets turned off (no need to keep checking or forgeting to turn on) at the last place i lived in the hot water heater was in the laundry and i paced my fermenter on top of this during winter and it worked great sorry no info on yeast, heat wise the water heater is cheaper than buying a heat pad or belt
  10. Paul get the forklift out take the pallet of pale off the back of the ute and put her back in the garage. (or put a pallet of stubbies on and come over for a barbie mate :idea: :lol: ) pale is back on the shelves, picked up a can yesterday and all is well I put the shortage down to shops underestimating the popularity of the mighty pale and not ordering sufficient stocks to meet the initial demand (oh Paul give me a ring when your about 1/2 an hour away i'll get some ice and have the barbie cranked up ready to go 8) :D ) (oops! :oops: let me know if Franks coming too I'll get another steak & a couple more snags 8) )
  11. Paul, not complaining i grabbed a can of pale as soon as i saw it and plan to make it the permanent beer on the second tap (Dark ale being the first) I am fairly patient. not complaining. I put it down to being in n.s.w. and the store being a large chain store I was going to wait a couple of weeks and then ask every time i enter the store "WHERES THE PALE ALE " Thanks Paul
  12. recently converted to the superb pale ale myself I grabbed a can & made a batch, kegged it, drank it, loved it now i keep searching the shop for more cans but they haven't stocked it since (still keep looking) even the hbs was out of stock when i called in. waiting patiently
  13. Top work Paul with petrol prices the way they are today, you could run your car on that batch and not worry about drinking it :idea: :D
  14. tis true Frank I have heard it said, you should not steal, rob or cheat cos the government hates competition
  15. Hmmmm $220 for a 50ltr keg of Mr coopers finest :shock: (scratch head ooh splinter) $45 for 60 ltrs made at home :D :D :D lots to think about there :idea: :roll:
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