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  1. Turned out fantastic[bandit] 1 week in the bottle and I couldnt find a beer as good ) SG didnt move from 1.015 though? so FG was 1.015 Brewed another batch but used soft brown sugar instead of the CSR Treacle as although I cant taste the treacle I get a treaclish aroma from the beer as i drink and drink and drink lol
  2. This is why I use Vodka or sometimes Starsan Were you disappointed with the draught for a particular reason? Or was just looking for a different taste, I find both kits very different, I like the draught but love the EB even in a simple recipe....You need to give it a lot more time for the flavours to develop. I wasnt disappointed in the actual taste but more so the similarity of taste between the draught with added hops and the EB brewed as standard with treackle. Of course it was just a taste from the FV As soon as this is bottled i am going to do a Coopers EB with dark brown sugar instead of the treacle! I was looking for a more cheap pub EB taste like Ben Truman or Trophy bitter. Most wouldnt even drink this beer now but I got a taste for it in my teens.
  3. SG is now down to 1.015 since my first post so it has been fermenting even though it stopped bubbling. Bit disappointed in the initial taste though! I did a coopers Draught and added an English hop bag to the FV and they both taste the same :(
  4. Got a cheap just out of date Muntons Midland Mild concentrate. 1kg of Coopers brew sugar then made up to 23 litres In the FV for 12 days OG 1.040 FG 1.012 1 week in the bottle with 2 coopers carb drops and its a dead ringer for Tenants "SweetHearts"[happy] It tastes nothing like a homebrew? Nice head and very flavourful. I reckon this will be gone by the end of the weekend[devil]
  5. Use a full tin of coopers extract with 1/2 the amount water and no sugars? If so will the beer be too thin without enhancers? What would be the end result? I want to try more beer kits but dont want 23lt,s every time! Can you add water to a fermented brew before bottling if the Alc% is too high at FG and lower the Alc% of the bottled beer? I seem to be getting higher Alc% than I really want and perhaps the opposite to others who want beers above 5.5% Thanks
  6. Thanks! I used 2 Coopers priming drops per 740ml bottle. I was thinking that perhaps the high FG of 1.016 that it stayed at maybe contains way too much un fermented sugars and i am reacting to it or its boosting the the way the Alc afects me? My second brew same as this I replaced the Golden Syrup with home made caramel by heating up white sugar and the OG was 1.062 and FG on days 10-13 was 1.020,i dont think i will be able to drink that one :(
  7. is it ok to draw some off for an SG reading? its only been in the Fv 3 days, will it draw air into the FV or should there be enough co2 to protect it? Thanks
  8. Possibly, but don't rely on the airlock to determine this. What temp did you ferment it at? They can ferment out fairly quickly at warmer temps. Take a hydrometer reading and see where the gravity is at. This is the best indicator of fermentation (or the end of fermentation). Thanks for the reply! I put the yeast in at 22c and it settled at 20c and has stayed at 20c for 3 days.
  9. I brewed a coopers draught with Golden Syrup to make an Irish Ale as per site instructions. OG was 1.053 and FG was 1.016 on 3 consecutive tests, after a week in the bottle it was fine to drink, clear with not too much carbonation a slight bitter after taste and slight aroma of the Golden Syrup but no taste of it. My question is though with the OG and FG this beer should be around 4.8%? but 2 750ml bottles over 2 hours is making me very drunk? Its my first Home Brew but i drink a fair amount of beer without getting this drunk? I let some go flat in a glass overnight and did a SG and it was still reading 1.016 so the week in the bottle with priming drops didnt raise the Alc% from my FG. 3 bottles drank on Friday night between 7 and 9 pm had me with a fuzzy head til after midday saturday so much so i wouldnt drive! can a young beer do this due to ingredients not Alc% ? Thanks
  10. I brewed the Coopers English Bitter as per site instructions but substituted the Molasses with treacle. The OG was 1.040 and wort temp 22c when yeast was added. 24 hours after i mixed it all up it started to ferment and the airlock was going great guns for 2 days but now the airlock has stopped bubbling? The water in the airlock is on the up side and if i push the FV it bubbles up so it isnt leaking. The krausen came up about 30 mm and has now mostly gone and left a scum ring, its been kept at at 20c. Has it stopped fermenting? Thanks
  11. I am new to brewing as well but my last batch of coopers Draught 1kg of enhancer #1 with added Golden syrup(as per a coopers recipe) topped up to 23 litres had an OG of 1.053 but stabilized at 1.016 for 4 days so a high Original SG doesnt always mean a high Alcohol percentage unless I totally stuffed up my brew lol.
  12. Its for English Bitter? sort of like this http://www.wilko.com/home-brewing/wilko-pressure-barrel-23l40-pints/invt/0022554?awc=2400_1379200432_47ea8db006e71a5b6c90dc1afc793ffc I am new to brewing and with 3 batches in 4 weeks I am sick of bottling already! A school friends Dad in the late 70,s had a similar keg and we used to drink a pint of home brew Bitter at school lunch time now and again[devil] I cant find anything like it in Australia? So far I have Brewed an American Lite a Midland Mild and a Coopers Draught with added golden Syrup. All 3 batches have reached there final SG or a constant lowest SG for 3 days within 7 days of brewing at a temp of 20Deg.
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