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  1. awesome thx heaps chad
  2. oh and another couple questions i accidently put on recipe re. what happens if i store my bottles under 18c and do i need to use finings with canadian blonde/ dex?
  3. only half a box of be2? wont that give me a smaller alc,vol?
  4. what will happen if i dont store my beer when its bottled at 18 c its bloody cold here , oh and do i need to use finings with a canadian blonde/dextrose? thx for any input
  5. is that on top of my eb2?
  6. i dont really either but somethin different, doh
  7. about to do a mexican cerveza any hints ppl?
  8. about to bottle. had same reading for th last 3 days about 1012-1014 temps been good, last brew was worse, dont know where im goin wrong, and almost had enough of tryin
  9. last brew i did tasted well but was very weak... put a new brew down last night very little froth should have more activity surely temp seems gd .. wat the?
  10. its a canadian blonde 9th day today bout ready 2 bottle i think
  11. my brew has been sittin at about 20 degrees will or how will this effect my brew?
  12. yes it sinks all the way under and it doesnt seem to fill with water a mate should be around with his hydro shortly also the temp here while i was gone was high was just wondering weather that would have any effect on the hydro reading
  13. it smells and tastes fine and obviously it sinks but it sinks all the way to th bottom which doesnt giv ya a reading...
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