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  1. Why has Coopers abandoned the Adelaide Show and to a certain extent South Australia itself. I am sad that the company feels (or so it seems to me) that we are no longer important in the scale of things and while I understand the need for growth on a national basis, you should never forget your hard core supporters which are and always will be here in South Australia.
  2. Can get something very similar without Coopers branding for $79, I expect to pay more for the branding but not that much , thanks for the reply LordEoin
  3. Just went to the online store to get some ideas for wifey to get me for chrissy and saw 2 great new products,firstly the six pack with 2 glasses and the other is the retro bar table/cooler. Then I saw the price for each. WTF? C"mon Coopers, lets' see alittle more Christmas spirit and make it more affordable for the little guy.I love your beers (wont drink anything else) but some of the pricing of your merchandise is getting hard to swallow. Still a big fan just alittle shell shocked........Cheers![crying]
  4. Cheers PB, now just gotta kept pleading the case for the brilliant Christmas Party to come back (you are a wise man PB, I am sure you can work your magic on Glenn and Tim) Cheers!
  5. I have just come back from the 150 party for Coopers.....aaaaahhhh just like the good old days of Coopers Club Nights. Well done on a great beer I enjoyed a few sadly ran out of time. I loved the 150 Anniversary shirts the Coopers people were wearing is there any thought to producing them for us poor mere mortals even if its a polo with the 150 logo (that would still be cool). I love anything Coopers and they look very classy. Hopefully if enough of us enjoyed the night we might be able to persuade Coopers to at least bring back the Christmas party (I know I have asked before but see no harm in asking again...please) from the man in the green hat.....Cheers!
  6. I have seen on ebay, Coopers 150 anniversary tankards for sale, where are they available from, as I would dearly love to add it to my ever expanding collection of Coopers Brewania and memorabilia
  7. Does anyone know if Coopers are running the Local Legends Competition again this year, and if so when.....Cheers!
  8. Salutations to all, well Adelaide has just played host to the 13th Australian Masters Games, not that many would know that due to minimal media coverage, but fortunately COOPERS was well and truely the great embassador for our great state. I was involved with both the rugby union and softball and COOPERS was the big winner in both competitions (especially in the softball, I was barman and I think I have made a few eastern state converts), by far COOPERS Clear was the most popular, but all varieties enjoyed success with their fans. Cheers to COOPERS on getting behind a great event made even better by GREAT beers!
  9. I see that the Fosters group is up for sale (boo hoo, so what), so I reckon the next ad for Coopers is obvious..... COOPERS,the number 1 AUSTRALIAN beer
  10. If you want a better experience John, you (or your wife/girlfriend) should make a christmas pudding using coopers stout, my wife does and Mmmm..Mmmm..Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!
  11. When the Order of Coopers was launched, all members ( i presume) got sent a certificate and a mouse pad(?). Both my partner and i are members but when our envelopes came, my partner only had the mouse pad. We contacted Coopers and they were sorry for the mistake and would rectify the situation, but alas nothing yet, but we still live in hope, we don't want to keep contacting them for something that is not super urgent but definitely nice to have, just wondering did anyone else have this problem?
  12. Thanks for the tip PB, been meaning to change it for awhile now,just didn't know how, cheers!
  13. Are there going to be any more club nights or was the bash in feburary, the last big hurrah. Please say there will be more because, there is always something to celerbrate...Cheers!
  14. Just cruzin' around the website, which is quite snazzy, well done to all, but just 2 things, firstly, when i started my local chapter and tried to add my wife, when she accepted, it started her chapter instead, is this glitch being fixed and when (approximately). Secondly, when I looked through the Hall of Beers, there is no Dr Tim's, is there a reason why it was lwft out?
  15. I am just sorry that I missed the promotion, it would have made a wonderful addition to my collection
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