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  1. This is also something i want to see fixed. I love the ease of cleaning a coopers fermenter but if i have to buy an entire starter kit each time the tap wears out, it will be good bye to coopers for me and hello bunnings fermenters! I will also tell anyone i know who expresses an interest in Home Brewing to go for the bunnings option for that very reason. So come on Coopers get those spare taps happening!
  2. If you can be bothered and don't mind spending a bit of extra cash, i'd do the reculture. I have not tried this fruit salad pale ale, however i have done a identical couple of pale ales before changing only the yeast to see the difference and in my opinion the recultured yeast is FAR better! i generally don't bother too much with the packet yeasts now.
  3. I've never bothered. I use them straight from the bag and the bag just sits on my shelf (with a tear in it) between brews. No problems yet.
  4. No harm in trying 1 drop in future, experimentation is the name of the game, its very common to do one drop with stouts ect, Customise the brew to your liking. You can also us the scoops to add your desired amount of sugar or try bulk priming if you just cant get the drops to work for you.
  5. thats a nice trick for the less carbonated beers biermoasta. I shall have to try it [happy]
  6. hey biermoasta, What do you mean by "use a plastic syringe to give guiness style creamy head"? How does that work? Looks great by the way!
  7. That's pretty good. i was always put off stickers cause i spend so much time cleaning the friggin bottles i didn't want more work. No sticky residue and comes off easy sounds good. I myself currently just put one label on each milk crate to mark my beers however this system falls apart when i put a variety in the fridge [pinched]
  8. well it got a large order from me that i would never have done if i had to pay delivery costs [joyful] I'm still waiting for it to arrive though, been two weeks now and i'm getting itchy
  9. yes you can and it will be better than just dextrose. If you use a lot of it though you might want to look at boiling some hops with it for bitterness as it could make the beer a bit sweet. Might be a good idea to follow a recipe to start with if your a newcomer
  10. Hops should be refrigerated, avoid the ones on the shelf
  11. Thanks guys, I had just not seen it do that before, it had been a bout a day and a bit and normally within a day it is going nicely. I knew it was fermenting, i was just worried that perhaps the yeast i pitched was a dud and it was a wild strain fermenting it resulting in no krausen. Taste seems fine although it's still so early it's too sickly sweet to tell much.
  12. Hi all, i have a batch fermenting at the moment but not making any krausen. Has this happened to anyone else and if so is it very common? I've never had it before. I even pitched an extra lot of yeast in cause i was worried even though it has trub forming, condensation and the hydrometer reading has dropped. Just no Krausen?
  13. yes they are very straight forward codes i just want the yeast type added so that forgetful and unorganised idiots such as myself don't need to worry about finding a texta and then looking up and writing down the yeast types on the packet.
  14. I might be a bit overly hopeful here, but i'd like to see a change made on the yeast packets to include the code that's in http://www.coopers.com.au/the-brewers-guild/talk-brewing?g=posts&t=1803 here. The date is obviously great but it would be fantastic if the yeast type could be added as well. I'm sure it won't cost too much more in ink to add a couple of letters and it will help people such as myself who put spare packets in the fidge without labeling what kit they came from [pinched]
  15. i'm sure i heard somewhere that coopers does supply lots of malt extract to food companys, so you never know. (i think???)
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