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  1. Australian Home Brewing sell their own brand of light honey - have no idea what type it is but it worked a treat in a Chimay Blue I succcesfully brewed.
  2. Wanew, i had a couple of bad brews in a row. Found that it was the tap on the fermenter had trapped some nasties. It was a black tap and the nasties were hidden. i exchanged it for a white opaque tap were anything left can be seen then dealt with - no problems since.
  3. I have had numerous attempts to win the keys - opened a different chapter - coached the recipients - all to no avail. Others at our local club have had the same problems and also have given up. Requests to the boffins havent helped either. I'll just have to have a couple of well brewed frothies and think of my next brew. It's cold enough to attempt the 'Bock to the Future' recipe in the latest Beer & Brewer Cheers
  4. I missed out on all three - no certificate, no mouse pad nor the apologetic 6 pack. Possibly tired of my numerous attemts to have mates registered in my local chapter of the order. Love the site otherwise
  5. I missed out on all three - no certificate, no mouse pad nor the apologetic 6 pack
  6. Muddy, You are spot on - I have tried several times with the boffins and neither myself nor several mates who are attempting to win the beer for a year can form a full chapter - registering is near impossible. I would like to see more info on mini mashing, using Coopers Cans as a base. It is the next step after kit & kilo, opens up some interesting brews and still keeps Coopers involved
  7. Greetings, Heidelberg Hop House has been open for business for 10 or so years after my brother had to give up the grog and passed on his fermenter. Kit and Kilo have given way to mini mashes. It's all good fun - usually! Not all the family are into hop aromas pervading the house though. Yours in brewing Damo
  8. Have coopers ever considered producing cycling tops with motifs of a pale ale or sparkling ale design? I do a fair bit of recreational cycling and notice that a lot of cycling tops are basically advertising.
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