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  1. First brew day of the year, as the pilsner in the fermenter was done in December. This time I'm doing a pale ale with Amarillo and Citra. Usual 1.050 or so OG and 37 IBU. Should finish around 1.010-12 for about 5% ABV in the keg. 

    Bit of magnum early for some top up bitterness with the rest coming from late boil, flameout and cube hops. Will do a dry hop as well. Probably make the yeast starter tomorrow morning once I know the OG. 

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  2. 2 hours ago, theyabbyman said:

    So I'm new to this game and getting excited about bottling soon (7 days in the barrel). I decide to check a bit more on the best time to bottle and there's heaps of info in the forum. Thanks guys, but can I just check - does "cold crash" mean BOTTLE? And it also sounds like I shouldn't rush into the Cold Crash..... Is that correct?



    Cold crash just means to drop the temperature of the brew to near zero while it's still in the fermenter, and leave it usually for a week or so. If this is done it happens at the time the beer would be bottled, in effect delaying the bottling for a week. 

    However you can certainly bottle it without doing a cold crash. 

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  3. Pitched my pilsner this morning. It's currently sitting at around 7.5 degrees but will be fermented at 11.5. I prefer pitching colder. It should have been done yesterday but I had to re-soak the fermenter overnight as it had a bit of crap in it (had already cleaned it when the last batch was kegged but lid not on tight). 

    Usual recipe, 2278 yeast. Should be ready to keg in a month. Tomorrow I'll be brewing a pale ale, need to make up a recipe tonight after golf. 

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  4. First brew day for ages here. Hopefully will kickstart the brewery again to keep myself in good supply from now on. Doing a pilsner today, next week some time I'll do a pale ale. They'll be in cubes until the local brew shop reopens and I can get more dry malt for yeast starters. 

    Up to mash out on the pilsner, then the bag will be drained and FWH added for a half hour steep before I boil it for ~2 hours. 

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  5. 2 hours ago, DavidM said:

    What is the advantage of boiling hops in wort ?

    Boiling in plain water tends to produce pretty awful flavours, too much bitterness, I'd have to look it up again, can't exactly remember the reason but it's flavour based. 

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  6. 4 hours ago, Marty_G said:

    @Otto Von Blotto, my preference is to listen to the ABC coverage and have the TV on.  Thatway I can go about pottering around and when there is a dismissal or a great shot I can then watch it on the TV.   Best of both worlds to me.  I just love the ABC radio coverage. 


    I like the ABC one the best too, back when I was young we often muted the TV and put the radio on, it was pretty well synced up then. Now it's not. Might be able to figure out a way to get it synced if I watch it on Kayo, I'll have a muck around with it next match. If it's on the TV I'll sit there and watch it rather than do other stuff. Can't help myself 🤣

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  7. Some of the SEN commentators need to remember they're on radio and need to describe it like they're talking to a blind person, half the time they yell and carry on about something that's happening and I have no idea what they're describing. So the bloke hit a six but what type of ball was it, shot etc. These details are important. 

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  8. The reason I think T20, if not ruined, certainly didn't help test cricket is because they just don't seem to have the patience often times to really grind it out. They waft at balls they should leave alone, play stupid shots that are completely unnecessary, or the bowlers don't stick to a plan long enough for it to actually work. 

    There are also far too many hangers on, although they like to call themselves analysts, going on with all this BS about matchups and whatever else. When I played and first took a real interest in the game it was simple, work out the batsman's weakness and try to exploit it. If a bowler is any good they should be able to do that to any batsman. It just feels like paralysis by analysis sometimes these days.

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  9. 7 hours ago, Aussiekraut said:

    All good mate. Some people like Cricket and some thought WWI was a neat idea 🙂 

    I'm just a bit of a stirrer. 

    I'm a little disillusioned with sports on telly, since all we hear is the Harvey-Norman score board or the Keno replay. Maybe we can have the VB try line, the Toyota goal posts etc? I'm just so sick of all this commercialisation that I don't want to watch ANY sport on TV anymore. 

    That crap annoys me too but you don't get it on the test broadcast, at least not on 7. Maybe Fox does it. They do it with the big bash though, or used to. I rarely watch that because it's not cricket to me. 

    It's the same reason if I have it on the radio I go with the ABC grandstand instead of SEN. They're better commentators anyway but they obviously don't do all that sponsor nonsense every sentence. 

    However I can certainly sit there and watch every ball of a test match 😂 loved it since I was a kid. This series has been good, and while I want Australia to win it'd be nice to see a bit of a contest from the poms. 

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  10. 2 hours ago, MUZZY said:

    That's the reason I stayed on the buses so long. Although some aspects of the job p155ed me off it did provide a fairly decent income for someone like me who didn't have many qualifications. Now I'm 55, my kids are adults, house virtually paid off, the money isn't so important. I hope you keep enjoying the job, champion. There was a time I did but that was long ago.

    Oh there's certainly aspects of it that piss me off. The main one is the reluctance to actually update timetables to reflect current traffic conditions. Quite a few have nowhere near enough time to actually finish it on time, but a few also have way too much time. I don't let it get to me too much now though, I just figure if these muppets won't give me enough time then I'll just run late and get overtime 🤣 

    There always the dumb questions from passengers who could answer it themselves if they opened their eyes and actually read something, but fortunately the routes I drive don't attract the dregs of society like some others do. 

    Overall though I'd probably be happy to go back to my original job as a greenkeeper if I did quit, but yeah it just doesn't pay enough to survive on in my situation. 

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  11. 10 hours ago, Classic Brewing Co said:

    @Otto Von Blottoit sound like you are very passionate about your golf & why not, good luck to you. As a kid I grew up alongside a golf course & my old man was the greenkeeper when he sold his fruit property in the Riverland of SA, I ended up playing & eventually went from Saturday Pennant & Opens etc & won a few worthy Comps & got down to six but as the years went by I was called up for National Service & ended up as a travelling salesman, the rest is history. I have had a few go's at belting the little white thing over the years but sadly the swing isn't what it used to be. 🏌️‍♂️ Now with dodgey knees & other interests e.g.  Brewing, I don't worry about it.

    Good luck with your golf journey.

    I'd probably be out there several days a week doing something, whether it be playing or working on something, if I didn't have to work. 😂 I used to play about 15-20 years ago but just kinda stopped due to other interests. I don't have those anymore so I got back into it a couple of years ago. I just recently started lessons to try to improve more, and I'm beginning to see the results coming through more now. It's a nice escape from all the real world bs. 

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  12. Thanks mate 🤣

    I can't afford to take a pay cut at the moment living alone with a mortgage etc. so I'm sorta stuck on the buses but for the most part I enjoy it so it's not too bad. 

    That said, I am looking forward to my month off from next Friday, gonna get the brewing back up and going properly and do a fair bit of work on my golf as well as a few things around the house I want sorted. 

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  13. 23 hours ago, iBooz2 said:

    Taking a day or two not weeks.  Ha! 

    I have had some of my batches sit for months over summer temps and it did not make a difference to carbonation.

    Sorry Otto but you are dreaming.  I will post later a list of my recent, two year's experiment with PET bottles and the recommended 2 x carb drops covering about 30 batches of my K & K beers (Feb 2020 - July 2020) and almost every bottle ended up Flatucked! 

    It must have been a while since you have used this combination.  Pure disappointment ensures for the new brewer if followed.  Might be OK (and I say might just make it) if you bottle 48 hours after the FG is reached and recorded but in my 30 recent batch record it says they will be Flatucked most likely if cold crashed for a week or more beforehand.

    Those that use white sugar and the measure jigger (like I used back in the 70's) have had a way better response re carbonation in the K & K  beers so this is a good option.

    I say that you need 3 x carb drops in the standard 740 ml PET bottle, maybe just the two in a glass bottle.

    My experience and recommendation is you need one carb drop to take up the inherent stretch in the plastic bottle itself (hence I call them balloons) before the CO is forced into the beer liquid.  And another two carb drops to produce the required carbonation.

    Hence the @MUZZY methods ver 1.0 and 2.0 came about and I confirm this is way better in the proof of the last 20 K & K brews I made using his method, i.e. batches #30 onward to AG.


    Well, I bulk primed them all so that may have made a difference, and they were in glass with crown seals, but I'm certainly not dreaming.. never had any carbonation issues with cold crashed beers using reasonably standard priming rates. Most of the complaints of flat beer from what I can remember were using plastic bottles. Perhaps that, and not the cold crash, is the issue. 

    The only way you'd remove enough yeast to make carbonation fail is if you filtered it out. A week sitting cold simply won't do it. 

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  14. It wouldn't have been the cold crash that caused it. Those particular bottles might not have warmed up properly, or perhaps the lids weren't totally airtight. I've had non cold crashed ones not carbonate properly either because their storage temperature dropped too low. 

    Five days won't drop that much yeast out. 

  15. 4 hours ago, Spursman said:

    Here's the thing. The online bulk priming calculators often have a notation that cold crashed beers actually retain MORE natural carb in the fv and brewers should adjust the amount of priming material accordingly. I've just bottled my first bulk primed batch after a 5 day cc @ 150 gms table sugar for 23 litres. It's feeling like 90% carbed after just 3 days and I'm getting nervous!

    They do but it's a myth. It might be 0.1 volumes more than without a cold crash but that's about the extent of it, and that's only if the beer reabsorbs the entire headspace of CO2, which I find unlikely. The rest which has already exited the fermenter isn't magically gonna be dragged back in. 

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  16. 13 hours ago, iBooz2 said:

    Certainly does.

    Just saying - with a cold crashed beer batch = less suspended yeast = longer carbonation time (even longer with less priming sugar) = frustration if they are consumed too early re being flat hence my advise for higher sugar dose in PET's if it was cold crashed in the first instance.

    We want this brewer to win with his beer and enjoy them not be disappointed and give up.


    Not in my experience. It might have taken slightly longer (talking a day or two not weeks) but the carbonation level was no different between cold crashed and non cold crashed, using the same priming rate.  Some were lagers that were crashed for several weeks before being bottled. Cold crashing alone simply doesn't drop enough yeast out to have any real effect on it. There's still plenty of yeast in suspension even if the beer looks relatively clear. 

    I think it would be better not using more priming sugar, it's better to wait a little longer than ultimately end up with overcarbed beer. They're usually flat because they aren't stored warm enough, or perhaps the bottle tops aren't properly sealed for whatever reason. 

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