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  1. Andrew, one option is the rack your brew - this requires taking the wot from one fermenter into the other and allowing it to slowly transfer. The key issue in this method is sterilisation and cleanliness and also ensuring that the wot being transferred is not splashed in, reducing the oxidisation of the wot, prior to final bottling. I allow my wot to ferment for 7 days, or until fermentation appears to have stopped, before I rack, lesving thr sediment in the bottom of the first fermenter. Let it then sit in the second fermenter for a day or three then bottle. TOO Hard - try beer clear or finnings from the home brew shop. OR bottle as is and enjoy the whole beer, all you need to do before serving is roll - reminds me of the Coopers Pale Ale of old .... fond memories
  2. Glass is also my preference - has been now for the past 10 years - although when I was introduced into brewing PET bottles were not in vogue. One trick an experienced brewer taught me was to rack the beer, to assist with the clarity of the wot, prior to final fermentation and secondly, just prior to bottling to 'bulk prime' - specifically adding the sugar or malt etc directly to the wot, stiring and then bottling. To date, zero explosions.
  3. Obviously this has been in vane - there is heaps of new merchandise, yet dispite Adelaide hosting on of the worlds greatest cycling events, still no cycling tops ........... there would be a GREAT market nect year when Adelaide hosts yet another sensational 'Tour Down Under"
  4. G'day Frank, Having recently returned to the home state of Coopers, do SA country Coopers club members get invites to Adelaide shows??? Thanks Scott
  5. I have converted a cupboard (lined with insulation etc) to store my brews. The other half keeps the key - we struck a good deal, she thinks she\u2019s keeping me from drinking more and I know she\u2019s helping me age the beer! After each brew half goes in the cupboard the other half into the drinking stock! When the cupboard is full I start taking out the ones at the bottom and replacing them with new ones! Best thing, they are now 12 - 18months old!.
  6. Moving to Qld over a year ago from the home of beer in Australia (Adelaide), I recently found the remnants of two brews, a pale ale and a draught, both brewed with malt (no sugers execpt to bulk prime) that were over three years old - a little sceptical as to their quality, two days in the fridge then the taste test - sensational. They were great, the lads loved them and the next day I had a spare 17 home brew bottles. From my notes - can't see any special treatment, they were in a box (as transported) in my brewing cupboard!
  7. What a great thing and well done Coopers - the Story Bridge is a great place for a relaxed Coopers of three! And soon they advise me they will have the much awaited Coopers Larger on sale too. Great to see Coopers continuing to make an impact into Queensland where they are still learning how to spell beer
  8. Last December you released your excess stock of showbags from the 2004 Royal Adelaide Show. Is this likely to happen this year - or did you exhaust all stocks??? They would make great Christmas presents 8)
  9. I have put down two batches - first with dextros (very sweet) second was with sugar and 1 x grated ginger bulb - the second is my choice - both are young (<3 months) so will see how they age over summer.
  10. Congratulations to Glenn, Claire, Penny, Paul the rest of the Coopers crew and Premium Beverages on a GREAT Brisbane Club night. It was great to see the Coopers clan again and to have a night in a Brisbane pub where the only beers being drunk were high quality home grown Australian beers! Thanks for a great night it was great to catch up with you all and hope that you make the trip north more often - either that or I'll have to travel south for a few club nights in Adelaide :D
  11. What a list!!!!! I guess then the fridge will just have to remain a Coopers Only zone - what a great thing that is. Time to forward the list and educate a few people about their poor drinking habits and support of sheep lovers :D
  12. Paley

    TV Ad

    By now I'm sure you have all seen the ad by another brewery doing the rounds of the email system - great marketing concept! One for the team at Coopers - In a number of the Uni's across Australia they are using this ad in lectures and comparing it with other Breweries ads that they can find on the web - yet to hear of any coopers ones surfacing at any Uni\u2019s :-( Maybe in the next update of the web page a section could be added to fun stuff - historical and current media campaigns - TV ads, and alike - to view on line - good promo tool and would be emailed for sure here there and everywhere! That\u2019s enough thinking for today \u2013 it\u2019s poets day so must be time for a Pale or two :D
  13. Following Paul\u2019s advise, I contacted Premium Beverages Qld manager and the good news - you can most of the range of Coopers beers from the Story Bridge Hotel, Kangaroo Point and Boundary Hotel at West End :D At last the search is over ......... and the constant badgering of visitors from home to bring Vintage North is over :lol: End result - Great beer in the climate made for drinking it every day! :wink:
  14. Sensational Coopers :D Thanks Amanda - it's in the post on the way to you :lol:
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